Nyagatare: Nta bafatanyabikorwa ba baringa bakibaho

Mu gihe ihuriro ry’abafatanyabikorwa mu iterambere ry’akarere ka Nyagatare bishimira ko hari byinshi bimaze guhinduka nko kuba nta babaringa bakibaho, kuba basigaye bagaragaza ibikorwa byabo no kuba imihigo y’akarere barayigize iyabo, hari ariko bimwe mu bikorwa by’akarere abafatanyabikorwa badashyira mu ngengo y’imari igihe cy’iteganyabikorwa. Nk’uko byemezwa na Iyaturemye Aimee umuyobozi w’ihuriro ry’abafatanyabikorwa mu karere ka […]

Bamwe mu bafatanyabikorwa b’akarere ka Nyagatare.

« Ne vous contentez pas seulement des réalisations,nous avons encore un travail dur »-Kagame

Le Président Paul Kagame a rappelé les jeunes professionnels à ne pas se contenter seulement sur leurs réalisations parce qu’ils ont encore beaucoup de choses à faire pour se développer et développer le pays en générale.Le Président Kagame était l’invité d’honneur au 22e congrès de « Imbuto Foundatio » dimanche le 14/12/2014 tenu à l’Hôtel Serena de […]

« Ne vous contentez pas seulement des réalisations,nous avons encore un travail dur »-Kagame

Use of technology would spur MFIs performance

Microfinance Institutions-MFIs performance would   increase their penetration to   bank the unbanked and   spur financial inclusion if they continue adapt to   the use of technologies in service delivery, experts have said Microfinance Institutions have been vital in    channeling credit to rural folks who   mostly ignored by    commercial banks, but   they are at times   constrained with   low   […]

Use of technology would spur MFIs performance

Rulindo: abafite ubumuga bageze kure mu kwiteza imbere

Bamwe mu bafite ubumuga bo mu karere ka Rulindo ngo basanga bakwiye kwiteza imbere, aho guhora bategeye amaboko abandi babasaba kandi nabo hari byinshi babasha kwigezaho. Abafite ubumuga bo muri aka karere bakaba barafashe gahunda yo guhindura  imyumvire bari bafite mbere, aho mbere ngo nta bikorwa bagiraga bibateza imbere,none ubu bakaba bafite ibikorwa bibahuza mu […]


Rutsiro: Business training to help in job creation

Business advisors in Rutsiro district revealed that the on-going training will help them and other residents to create jobs. Initiative has produced some illuminating ideas, tools and methods that have had a significant impact on employment creation in rural areas, even in the most disadvantaged areas. Elaste Bayihorere, a trainer from Rwanda Development Board (RDB) […]


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