SoSoMa industries wins Africa’s SME award

Finally, this year’s top award for SME of the Year went to SoSoMa Industries, another Rwandan SME specialising in agro-business. “We wanted to celebrate SMEs by spotlighting champions capable of transforming the continent and creating value,” explained Amadou Kane, former Finance Minister of Senegal, who was selected to lead the awards panel. “They are the […]

SoSoMa industries wins Africa’s SME award
Private sector should do more -mayor Ruboneza

Language affecting local contractors

Rwandan contractors are losing lucrative tenders in East Africa because they cannot comprehend bid documents written in the English Language. This is according to Donatien Mungwararera, director of The Private Sector Federation Rwanda (PSF). “Though we carryout periodic trainings in languages, we do not reach everyone,” said Mungwararera, who advised traders to try their best […]

Language affecting local contractors

Ngoma:   Komite nshya ya PSF yiyemeje gukemura ikibazo cyo gusiragira ku bacuruzi

Komite nshya y’abikorera (PSF) mu karere ka Ngoma  kuri uyu wa 18/11/2014 nyuma yo gutorwa yijeje ko igiye kwihutisha umushinga wo gutangiza  company yabo ya  NIG (Ngoma investment group)no gukemura ikibazo cyo gusiragira no guhora mu nzira ku bacuruzi bajya kurangura za Kigali. Ubusanzwe abacuruzi bo mu turere twa Ngoma na Kirehe bakora urugendo runini […]

Komite nshya ya PSF yiyemeje gukemura ikibazo cyo gusiragira ku bacuruzi

Agaciro Development Fund Corporate Trust : Les transporteurs (ATPR) contribuent avec plus de 60millions de Francs Rwandais

L’Association Rwandaise des Transporteurs des passagers (ATPR) a contribué au Fond du Développent Agaceriro (Agaciro Development Fund Corporate Trust.), avec 67,2millions de Francs Rwandais. Ce fond a récemment atteint plus de 23,8 miliards de Frws déjà collectés. « Cette contribution est une façon de remercier le gouvernement pour avoir assuré un environnement favorable du business dans […]

L’Amb. Gatete Claver et Olivier Nizeyimana qui préside  ATPR

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