Rwandans expelled from Tanzania find new hope back home

Rwandans expelled from Tanzania find new hope back homeOdette Bayagambe, 39, had always considered Tanzania her home, until the afternoon of August 9, 2013 when Tanzanian security operatives attacked her home and forced her to leave the country.

“I had just taken goats to graze,” she says. “As I stood in the middle of our banana plantation, four Tanzanian soldiers came to our home and shouted at me, ‘RudiKwenu’ [Kiswahili phrase meaning ‘Go back home’]”.

She was forced out of Tanzania, leaving behind 30 goats, land plots, a three hectares cassava plantation, a banana plantation, and her house and all other properties.

Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete had ordered all “illegal immigrants” be expelled with due effect. Thousands of people from neighboring Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi have lived in Tanzania for decades. Others have a long ancestral linage.

Following Kikwete’s directive, more than 14,000 Rwandans were kicked out of the country, indefinitely. Many were not given the opportunity to pack their properties or sell them.

Tanzanian security operatives stormed the villages,smashed the houses, burnt some of them, looted properties and mercilessly beat up many.

Those who managed to escape, abandoned everything; land, houses, animals, plantations, businesses, and left without bidding farewell to neighbors and friends.

Some bribed officers not to be tortured. The rest were rounded up and forced into trucks, drove them off and dumped them at the Rwandan border.

Tanzania’s action sent shock waves in the neighboring countries. Many wondered how Tanzania lost a camaraderie spirit.

Rwanda responds to the influx

In Rwanda, pressure was mounting. Government quickly set up a transit camp at Kiyanzi in Eastern Rwanda, with necessary facilities such as shelter, food and water, to accommodate the returnees.

Villagers signed up to volunteer setting up the camps. Others donated money, food items and clothing in big numbers.

About 9,000 families were helped locate their ancestral relatives. “We also provided them with a three months’ food package; beans, rice, maize, salt, cooking oil and boxes of compact rice for the children and the elderly,” says Séraphine Mukantabana, Rwanda’s Minister for Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR).

Over 5,000 families remained in the camp, including Bayagambe’s. Government continued supporting them. Life was not the same anymore. Those who joined their relatives have managed to cope up, somewhat. Those in the camps cursed, but the government says camps are temporary.

On June 28, at a community gathering, with hundreds of villagers and local authorities in attendance, 40 families, including Bayagambe’s, had not prepared themselves for a big surprise.

The Minister of Local Government, James Musoni, called each family and handed them keys to magnificent fully furnished houses. Each house costs Rwf12 million (about 20,000USD). An average Rwandan lives in a house of one million, slightly more than 1000USD.

These houses have massive living rooms, two furniture bedrooms, an equipped kitchen, a store, and an attractive tilled washroom. They have access to utilities, electricity and clean water. President Paul Kagame pledged Rwf480 million (about 700,000USD) to help build these houses.

Returnees adjust to new lifestyle

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, Bayagambe, with her four children, days after she occupied the house, sits on a bluish carpet laid at a veranda of her new home, enjoying the cool breeze blowing uphill from the curvy valley of Kicukiro district, on the outskirts of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali.


She takes a rest while listening to local pop music playing on a local radio station. She keeps receiving flashbacks of the horror in Tanzania.

She feels somehow lonely. Her husband escaped the operation and stayed in Tanzania, although both have managed to keep contact. But it’s a completely new life.

Indeed, her heart is torn apart, with divided sentiments. One heart in Rwanda, another in Tanzania. “I have not yet felt at home here, but partly enjoying the peaceful Rwanda,” she says. “I hope I will eventually feel at home as a Rwandan.”

Understandably, though, like thousands of others, starting a new life from scratch is an excruciating experience, especially in the land scarce Rwanda. There is no enough land for cultivation especially for those who are farmers.

Florence Uwayisaba, the Vice Mayor in charge of welfare in Kicukiro district, says the district has allocated start-up capital of Rwf100, 000 (about 150$) to help run small business and earn an income.

Community members have also donated food to the families. Each family is getting 50kgs of beans, 25kgs of rice, 25kgs of corn flour and cooking oil.

Neighbors regularly visit and give them comfort. “They are nice people,”says Pacifique Munyaneza, 23, Bayagambe’s neighbor. They don’t speak fluent Kinyarwanda, but “We visit them and chat in Kinyarwanda,” he adds.

Children have also started going to school. “There is no problem at school. I play with other children”, says Bayagambe’s14 years old daughter, AminataYampiriye, who goes to a nearby primary school.

Dismas Habimana, 47, is a father of two, whose wife and children still live in Tanzania. He raised cows and wonders what else he will be doing to earn a living.

“I had 120 cows, and I left all of them in Tanzania”, he says, from his temporary shelter at Ruhashya sector, Huye district, a two hours’ drive south from the capital Kigali. He has heard that his uncle who stayed back is looking after the cows.

Meanwhile, more families are being settled across the country, according to MIDIMAR. “We have given them shelter at the sector headquarters as we complete more houses by August”, said Jacqueline Uwamariya, the executive secretary of Ruhashya sector of Huye district.

Four families, including Habimana’s, have been living here at Ruhashya sector headquarters since January from the Kiyanzi camp.

Here, community members also contributed 1.5 tones in beans, rice, Irish potatoes, mattresses and clothing to support the four families. Authorities of Ruhashya sector are looking for land to allocate to them so that they can cultivate.

“I have asked my wife to come and join me here, but she refused”, says Habimana.

Like many, Dismas Habimana says going back to Tanzania is not an option. He has already acquired a Rwandan National Identification Card and plans to marry another woman if his wife insists on staying in Tanzania. “What else can I do?” he regrets.

Ruhango: Local saving cooperative completes house to accommodate bank

m_Ruhango Local saving cooperative completes house to accommodate bank

CLECAM Ejoheza, a credit and saving cooperative for farmers in Bweramana sector of Ruhango district built a building worth Rwf109 million to ensure security and attract more customers and members.

The milestone comes following the concern by many on the security of the money in a place where it previously

This was revealed on July 15th 2014 during the event to officially open the house by CLECAM cooperative located in Bweramana sector of Ruhango district.

“This house comes as an answer to our problems. We had a need to provide more security to members’ property,” said Aimable Mpamyarukundo, president of the cooperative.

Local saving cooperative completes house to accommodate bank 2

The house is expected to strengthen security of the members’ property


Damien Mugabo, Director General of the Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) who was the guest speaker called on cooperative members to avoid mismanagement of cooperative funds that can lead to its collapse

m_Some dignitaries turned up for the official opening of CLECAM

Some dignitaries turned up for the official opening of CLECAM
Ejoheza cooperative house

“Be careful about who manages the cooperative funds. Good management will help you achieve your goals,” He said.

CLECAM Ejoheza cooperative started with Rwf46 million capital which has increased to Rwf583 million It was started in 2007 and has up to 130,000 members.


Ruhango: Koperative y’abahinzi-borozi yujuje inzu ya miliyoni 109 kandi babitse izindi 583

Ruhango: Koperative y’abahinzi-borozi yujuje inzu ya miliyoni 109 kandi babitse izindi 583

Abayobozi barataha ku mugaragaro iyi nyubako

Koperative CLECAM Ejoheza igamije gufasha abahinzi-borozi bo Kabagali kubitsa no kugurizanya yatashye inyubako ifite agaciro ka miliyoni 109 z’amafaranga y’u Rwanda kuri uyu wa kabiri tariki ya 15/07/2014 yiyujurije mu murenge wa Bweramana mu karere ka Ruhango.

Iyi koperative yo kubitsa no kuguriza yatangiye imirimo yayo mu mwaka 2007 ngo yahisemo kwiyubakira inyubako yayo kuko bamaze kuba koperative ikomeye ikenera kubika neza umutungo wayo nk’uko perezida w’inama y’ubutegetsi yayo witwa Mpamyarukundi Aimable abivuga.

Bwana Mpamyarukundo Aimable avuga ko iyi nyubako izacyemurira abanyamuryango ibibazo byinshi birimo no kurinda abajura bahoraga bashaka kubiba. Agira ati “Mu kubaka iyi nyubako yacu dukemuye ibibazo byinshi birimo n’icy’abajura batwototeraga aho twakoreraga. Guhera ubu bazajya basanga umutekano ari wose. Icy’ingenzi kurutaho ariko ni uko abantu batinyaga kuzana amafaranga yabo aho twakoreraga batatugirira icyizere ariko ubu bazajya batugana ari benshi badatseta ibirenge.”

Ruhango: Koperative y’abahinzi-borozi yujuje inzu ya miliyoni 109 kandi babitse izindi 583

Iyi nyubako ngo ikemuye ibibazo byinshi birimo no kwirinda abajura

Abanyamuryango ba koperative CLECAM Ejoheza bavuze ko bishimira aho koperative yabo yabakuye nabo bakaba bamaze kwigeza ku iterambere. Umwe mu banyamuryango bayo witwa Habimmana Vincent avuga ko yatangiranye nayo imuguriza amafaranga make. Ngo yakomeje gukora neza akagenda akura kugera ubwo ubu asigaye yoroye ingurube zisaga 200 zifite agaciro ka miliyoni 35 z’amafaranga y’u Rwanda.

Ruhango: Koperative y’abahinzi-borozi yujuje inzu ya miliyoni 109 kandi babitse izindi 583

Abitabiriye umuhango wo gutaha inyubako nshya ya koperative CLECAM Ejoheza

Umuyobozi w’ikigo gishinzwe amakoperative ku Rwanda witwa Mugabo Damien wari umushyitsi mukuru mu gutaha iyi nyubako yashimye cyane ubuyobozi bw’iyi koperative ku gikorwa cyiza bamaze kugeraho, ariko asaba abanyamuryango bagize iyi koperative kutirara, ahubwo bagaharanira gukurikiranira hafi umutungo wabo ejo ngo utazanyerezwa cyangwa koperative yabo igasenyuka izize uburangaree.

Bwana Mugabo yagize ati “Ntibihagije gutora perezida ngo muterere iyo kuko ejo ashobora gutangira kwikoreramo, ugasanga intumbero mwari mufite ntigezweho. Gutaha ibikorwa nk’icyi ni n’umuhamagaro wo gukomeza gukora kurushaho.”

Koperative CLECAM Ejoheza Kabagali yatangijwe n’abari batanze umutungo ungana na miliyoni 46 z’amafaranga y’u Rwanda, ariko ubu imaze kugeza kuri miliyoni 583 z’amafaranga y’u Rwanda n’abanyamuryango bakabakaba mu bihumbi 13.

Kamonyi-Abahoze bafashwa ko batishoboye batangiye kuba abashoramari

Abasanzwe bahabwa inkunga y’ingoboka muri Kamonyi kuko batishoboye bafashe icyemezo cyo kuzigama muri iyo nkunga ku buryo ubu bamaze gushora imari ya miliyoni 42 mu mushinga w’ubwubatsi, bagamije ko inyungu zawo zizakomeza kubabeshaho inkunga bahabwaga nizihagarara.

 m_Kamonyi-Abahoze bafashwa ko batishoboye batangiye kuba abashoramari   

Inkunga y’ingoboka ihabwa abakene muri gahunda ya Vision 2020 Umurenge Program ifasha abakene mu murenge ukennye w’icyitegererezo muri buri karere, ikaba ifasha abatishoboye 240 mu murenge wa Gacurabwenge muri Kamonyi.

 m_Kamonyi-Abahoze bafashwa ko batishoboye batangiye kuba abashoramari1

Mu gihe cy’imyaka ibiri bafata inkunga y’amafaranga ya buri kwezi; aho buri wese afata kuva kuri 7500frw akagera kuri 25000frw bitewe n’umubare w’abagize umuryango. Aba bafatwa nk’abatishoboye ariko bahisemo kwibumbira muri koperative maze bakora umushinga wo kubaka inzu mberabyombi ifite agaciro ka miliyoni 42.

Iyi nzu iherereye mu mudugudu wa Kamonyi mu kagari ka Nkingo irimo ibikoresho byose, ikorerwamo inama n’amahugurwa ndetse n’abafite ubukwe bakahakirira abashyitsi. Aba bari mu batishoboye ngo bakoze umushinga uwo mushinga uramba mu cyerecyezo kigari cyo gukora imishinga yunguka ku buryo inyungu z’iyo mishinga zizabafasha guhindura imibereho, ndetse n’ababakomokaho bakazabona icyo baheraho barwanya biteza imbere, bagaca akarande ko kwitwa imiryango y’abakene.

Kamuhanda Martin, umwe mu banyamuryango b’iyi koperative yiyise ‘Abadahigwa’ ngo ubusanzwe ahabwa inkunga y’amafaranga y’u Rwanda 7500 kuko yibana. Ngo kuri iyo nkunga yahisemo kujya afataho angina na 1500frw gusa, andi ibihumbi bitandatu akayatangaho umugabane muri koperative yabo Abadahigwa.

 m_Kamonyi-Abahoze bafashwa ko batishoboye batangiye kuba abashoramari2

Ngo n’ubwo amenshi mu nkunga yagenewe ajya mu mushinga, yishimiye igikorwa bagezeho kuko kizabafasha no mu gihe inkunga zizaba zirahagaze, kandi umushinga wabo ukaba wakunguka bagakora n’irindi shoramari. Aragira ati “Ubundi twabonaga inkunga tugahaha tukarya neza, tugategereza ko ukundi kwezi gushira ngo andi mafarannga y’ingoboka atugereho. Uko kubona inkunga tugahita turya twasanze atari byiza, twiyemeza kuzigama mu mushinga uramaba kandi wunguka bizadufasha kuko mu gihe inkunga zizaba zitakiboneka umushinga ariwo uzadutunga.”

m_Kamonyi-Abahoze bafashwa ko batishoboye batangiye kuba abashoramari3

Abaturage n’abayobozi bo mu karere ka Kamonyi bavuze ko bashima cyane igitekerezo cy’aba baturage bafashwa nk’abatishoboye kuko bagaragaje ko n’ubwo uyu munsi ari abatishoboye, ejo bazaba bafite imibereho ndetse n’ababakomokaho bakaba batazitwa abatishoboye.

Ngo ntibazi igihe inkunga babona zizarangirira, ariko ngo iryo somo ryiza mu karere ka Kamonyi bagiye no kurisakaza no mu yindi mirenge itanu ikorerwamo gahunda ya VUP, abatishoboye bakanguriwe gukora imishinga ibateza imbere nko kubaka inzu z’ubucuruzi, ubworozi bw’amafi n’ubw’inzuki, ubuhinzi ndetse no gukora ubucuruzi nk’uko umuyobozi w’akarere ka Kamonyi Rutsinga Jacquea abivuga.

Bwana Rutsinga akomeza avuga ko ari mu rwego rwo kumenyereza imiryango itishoboye guharanira kwigira, ngo biga isomo rizwi ko ari iry’Abashinwa bagira bati “Aho kumpa ifi wanyigisha uko nyiroba.”

Abatishoboye bafashwa na VUP batoranywa mu nteko rusange y’abatuye umudugudu, hakarebwa abari mu cyiciro cya mbere n’icya kabiri cy’ubudehe. Abenshi muri bo bakaba ari abakecuru, abasaza ndetse n’abafite ubumuga batabasha gukora. Ngo bagenerwa inkunga mu gihe cy’imyaka itanu, ariko urutonde rugenda runozwa muri buri myaka ibiri kuko hashobora kuba hari ababa barapfuye cyangwa se abavuye mu cyiciro cy’abatishoboye.

Nyabihu: Abibumbiye mu makoperative barasabwa kuyabyaza umusaruro akababera imbarutso y’iterambere

Abaturage b’i Nyabihu bibumbiye mu makoperative barasabwa kuyabyaza umusaruro akazababera imbarutso y’iterambere ryaba iryabo bwite,iry’uduce batuyemo n’iry’ igihugu muri rusange.

Ibi umuyobozi w’akarere ka Nyabihu bwana Twahirwa Abdoulatif arabisaba abibumbiye mu makoperative mu gihe mu Rwanda hitegurwa umunsi wo kwizihiza umunsi mpuzamahanga w’amakoperative uzizihizwa kuwa 12/07/2014.

Abibumbiye mu makoperative barasabwa kuyabyaza umusaruro akababera imbarutso y’iterambere

Umuyobozi w’akarere ka Nyabihu Twahirwa Abdoulatif arasaba abanyamuryango b’amakoperative ko yababera imbarutso y’iterambere

Uwimana Mathias ni umunyamuryango wa koperative COAVIPI yo mu murenge wa Kabatwa mu karere ka Nyabihu. Avuga ko kwibumbira muri koperative byatumwe abasha kwiteza imbere we n’abanyamuryango bagenzi be kugeza ubwo bagura n’imodoka yo mu bwoko bita FUSO kandi bari basanzwe ari abarimu batagiraga ubushobozi bwinshi mu mibereho yabo.  

Kuba koperative iteza imbere abayigize kandi byemezwa na Nzitonda uvuga ko muri koperative abantu bihuza, bakungurana ibitekerezo, bagashyira hamwe imbaraga bafite bagakora ikintu gifatika kibageza ku iterambere rirambye, umuntu umwe atakwigezaho.

Bamwe mu barimu bibumbiye muri Koperative babasha kugera ku modoka babikesha kwibumbira hamwe

Bamwe mu barimu bibumbiye muri Koperative babasha kugera ku modoka babikesha kwibumbira hamwe

Kuri ubu mu karere ka Nyabihu bavuga ko amakoperative bafite ashimirwa urwego amaze kugeraho. Hatangimbabazi Theodore ushinzwe amakoperative n’ishoramari mu karere ka Nyabihu avuga ko hari byinshi bimaze kugerwaho birimo ko amakoperative yose yafunguje amakonti mu bigo by’imari kandi akaba akorana nabyo afasha abanyamuryango bayo kwizigamira no kubona inguzanyo zaba igishoro ku mishanga ibyara inyungu baba bafite batarayibonera igishoro.

Ikindi kandi ngo amakoperative yamaze kugaragarira buri wese ko afasha mu iterambere rirambye, akongera ubukungu bwa koperative ubwazo n’iry’abayagize. Ibi ngo abishingira ku mpinduka z’imibereho myiza abanyamuryango bagenda bageraho ku buryo amakoperative acungwa n’uburyo ubwizigame bwayo burushaho kuzamuka.

Ngo kugira ngo koperative itere imbere bisaba ko buri munyamuryango wese yumva ibikorw abya koperative n’inyungu zayo ari ibye nawe ku giti cye, akitanga kandi agaharanira icyatuma itera imbere ku buryo anabera intangarugero abataraza mu makoperative bigatuma nabo babyifuza.

Umunsi mpuzamahanga w’amakoperative usanzwe wizihizwa buri wa gatandatu wa mbere w’ukwezi kwa Nyakanga buri mwaka ku rwego rw’isi yose. 

Burera: Uburyo amashanyarazi yamwimuye i Kigali akayasanga aho yunguka kurushaho

Burera Uburyo amashanyarazi yamwimuye i Kigali akayasanga aho yunguka kurushaho

Murwanashyaka’s sewing workshop

Umugabo witwa Murwanashyaka Claude ukomoka i Kigali yamenye ko mu murenge wa Butaro muri Burera hageze amashanyarazi ahita yimukirayo gukora umwuga w’ubudozi kuko ngo ayo mashanyarazi atuma yunguka kurusha uko yungukaga agikorera i Kigali.

Uyu mugabo akorera umwuga we w’ubudozi muri santere ya Rusumo, mu murenge wa Butaro. Ni umwe muri ba rwiyemezamirimo wikorera ndetse wanahaye abandi akazi kuko akoresha abakozi be bane. Iyo winjiye aho akorera usanga aba bakozi badoda ndetse n’imyenda badoda yiganjemo iy’abagore imanitse mu nzu.

Murwanashyaka avuga ko uwo mwuga awumazemo imyaka itanu. Avuga uko yatangiye uwo mwuga muri Kigali akaza no kwimuka akajya kuwukorera mu kuwukorera mu cyaro ariko ngo byose byatewe n’uko hari hageze umuriro w’amashanyarazi bigatuma atangira kuhabona inyungu kuruta mu mujyi.

Agira ati “Natangiriye mu bigo nigisha, nyuma ariko nsanga nkwiye kwikorera ku giti cyanjye. Nashinze “atelier” (y’ubudozi) ku kigo cya gisilikare aho ahitwa mu Kajagari i Nyarugunga ariko nkimara kumva ko ino aha hageze umuriro nahise numva ko ubwo hageze n’amahirwe yo gukora ibikorwa bitahabaga kandi abahatuye bakenera kenshi niko kwimuka nza hano i Butaro.”

Akomeza avuga ko abona inyungu ku buryo n’umushinga we watangiye kwaguka. Ngo yatangiriye ku mafaranga y’u Rwanda ibihumbi 500 ngo ariko ubu atelier ye y’ubudozi ayiha agaciro k’amafaranga agera kuri miliyoni ebyiri.

Agira ati “Natangiriye ku mashini imwe ikoresha umuriro w’amashanyarazi. Nari nayiguze ibihumbi 500 (by’amafaranga y’u Rwanda) ngenda nunguka nagura n’ibikorwa ubu byagiye byiyongera maze kugura imashini eshatu z’umuriro n’izindi enye zikoresha ingufu z’umuntu bisanzwe. Muri zo harimo izo nkoresha nigisha abatazi kudoda n’izo nkoresha mu kudoda imyambaro y’abakiliya banjye.”

Murwanashyaka akomeza avuga ko iryo terambere yarigezeho abikesha kuba aho akorera hari umuriro w’amashanyarazi ngo kuko imashini afite zikoresha umuriro w’amashanyarazi zimufasha kudoda imyenda abakiriya be bifuza mu buryo bwihuse kandi neza.

Santere ya Rusumo uyu Murwanashyaka akoreramo umwuga we yagezemo umuriro w’amashanyarazi bwa mbere mu mwaka wa 2011. Iyo santere iherereye ahantu h’icyaro ariko kubera uwo muriro w’amashanyarazi igenda itera imbere abashoramari bato bato banayizanamo ibikorwa by’iterambere ndetse n’amabanki yatangiye kuhagana ahakingura amashami. Murwanashyaka nawe avuga ko afite icyerecyezo cyo kwagura umushinga we akzashinga izindi ateliers adoderamo ahandi hatari mu murenge wa Butaro akoreramo ubu.

Rusumo center

 Ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Burera buvuga ko abagatuye babarirwa mu gipimo cya 12% ari bo bamaze kugezwaho umuriro w’amashanyarazi. Aba bayobozi bemeza kandi ko abamaze kugezwaho amashanyarazi bayabyaza umusaruro bayakoresha ibindi bikorwa by’ubucuruzi bibinjiriza amafaranga aho kuyakoresha gusa bayacana mu nzu mu gihe hakomeje gahunda zo kuyasakaza n’ahandi.



Ibirori byabanjirijwe n’akar asisi k’abashinzwe umutekano n’abikorera.

Kwibohora si ugusoza urugamba rw’amasasu gusa ahubwo ni noukwibohora ingoyi y’ubukene n’ubujiji no kutongera kwirebera mu ndorerwamo y’amoko. Ibi ni ibyagarutsweho n’abantu batandukanye mu karere ka Nyagatare tariki ya 04 Nyakanga 2014 mu birori byo kwizihiza umunsi mukuru wo kwibohora.

Kuwa 01 Ukwakira 1990 nibwo ingabo zahoze ari iza APR zambutse umupaka wa Kagitumba zitangiza urugamba rwo kwibohora. Munderere Telesphore yari atuye hafi n’umupaka. Avuga ko mbere nta mihanda bagiraga ibi bigatuma batabasha no kubona isoko ry’imyaka. Ikindi ngo abantu baravunikaga kugera mu buyobozi I Ngarama kuri komini igihe bakeneye umuyobozi cyangwa bagiye gutora kuko bakoreshaga iminsi 3 yose bagendesha amaguru. Kuri ubu yishimira ko begerejwe ibintu byinshi ndetse bakaba barihagije batakijya guhahira Uganda nk’uko byahoze. Agira ati “ Hano nta muntu wagiraga inkweto zo kwambara n’umunyu ubwawo twawuguraga Uganda. Nta kintu twagiraga kuko nta n’uwari utunze inzu y’ibati twabaga muri nyakatsi gusa. None twegerejwe ubuyobozi nta kibazo gipfa kurenga akagali kuko hari abunzi. Amashuli yaratwegereye ndetse n’ikigo nderabuzima.”


Igishakamba cyabyinywe karahava. Mayor Sabiti n’uyobora ingabo.

Ubuhamya bwe ntibutandukanye cyane n’ubwa Maga Kabera wemeza ko yibohoye ubukene ahereye ku gucuruza ubushera. Gusa ngo yaje kugana ibigo by’imari ahabwa inguzanyo azamuka buhoro buhoro. Kuri ubu asigaye acuruza ibyuma by’amamodoka na moto ndetse akaba yaranabashije kwiyubakira amazu anagura n’imodoka 2 zikorera ibikoresho byo kubaka. Maga Kabera yemeza ko umuntu ashobora guhera ku kantu yita gato agatera imbere.

Kuba abantu bishimira iterambere bagezeho muri iyi myaka 20 igihugu kibohowe ngo ni nayo ntego yo gutangiza urugamba rwo kwibohora. Atuhe Sabiti Fred umuyobozi w’akarere ka Nyagatare wemeza ko kwibohora bidasobanuye gusoza urugamba rw’amasasu ahubwo bivuze kwiyambura ingoyi y’ubukene, kuva mu bujiji no kutirebera mu ndorerwamo y’amoko.


Bamwine Fred uyobora akarere ka Ntungamo Uganda.

Muri ibi birori harimo intuma ziturutse mu gihugu cya Uganda ziyobowe n’umuyobozi w’akarere ka Ntungamo gahana imbibe n’aka Nyagatare. Bamwine Fred w’aka karere we asanga ibibazo byose abanyafurika bahura nabyo ari abazungu babibasigiye. Urugero atanga ngo ni ishyirwaho ry’imipaka ryari rigamije gutandukanya abaturanyi. Gusa ariko ashima abakuru b’ibihugu bya Uganda n’uRwanda badahema guharanira ko abanyafurika bunga ubumwe.

Ku rundi ruhande ariko ngo umunsi nk’uyu wo kwibohora wakabaye umwanya wo gusubiza inyuma amaso abantu bakareba aho bavuye n’aho bageze. Muri iyi myaka 20 ngo hari intambwe yatewe aho abantu basaga miliyoni bavuye mu bukene. Nyagatare by’umwihariko abarozi bacitse ku bworozi bwa gakondo bajya mu bwa kijyambere bwatumye umukamo wikuba incuro hafi ku 10. Ibi kandi bikaba byarakozwe no mu buhinzi kuri ubu hakaba hatekerezwa inganda zaha akazi abantu benshi.

Rulindo: abacuruzi bo mu isoko rya shyorongi barasaba ubuyobozi gukurikirana ikibazo cy’akajagari kirangwa muri iri soko.

Bamwe mu bacuruzi bacururiza mu isoko rya Shyorongi ryo mu karere ka Rulindo,baravuga ko barambiwe akajagari gakabije karangwa muri iri soko.

 m_abacuruzi bo mu isoko rya shyorongi barasaba ubuyobozi gukurikirana ikibazo cy’akajagari kirangwa muri iri soko

Bimwe mu biteye akajagari bavuga harimo, kuba abaricururizamo batagira aho bacururiza hazwi, ngo kuko usanga umuntu yimuka uko ashaka akajya gucururiza hanze yaryo,abandi bagasoreshwa bitandukanye n’abandi, kandi bose bacururiza mu isoko rimwe,no kutamenya inzego zishinzwe kubasoresha.

 m_abacuruzi bo mu isoko rya shyorongi barasaba ubuyobozi gukurikirana ikibazo cy’akajagari kirangwa muri iri soko

Aba bacuruzi ngo basanga ibi bitera akajagari gakabije, kandi ngo ubuyobozi ntacyo bubikoraho ngo bukemure iki kibazo.

Umwe mu baricururizamo utarashatse kwivuga izina yagize ati”Umuntu arabyuka ukabona agiye gucuriza hanze y’isoko, undi akaba araje atanditse ibicuruzwa mu mukungugu,kandi  ubuyobozi bw’isoko buba bubireba bukicecekera.”

Undi nawe yagize ati ”Kugeza ubu ntituzi inzego zishinzwe kudusoresha,kuko usanga buri wese aza akatwaka umusoro, uko yishakiye, agasoresha ayo ashatse,mbega nta gahunda iba muri iri soko.Twasabaga ubuyobozi bw’akarere ko bwakurikirana iki kibazo kuko kiduhangayikishije.”

Aba bacuruzi kandi  bavuga ko hari bamwe muri bagenzi babo,bata ibitanda bakajya gucuriza hanze y’isoko batangira abakiriya, bityo bigatuma abakiriya ngo batagera mu isoko,kuko abo hanze babahera ibyo bashaka kuri make ugereranije n’abo mu bitanda.

Aha bakavuga ko abacururiza ku bitanda batabona abaguzi kandi ngo ari bo basora menshi,ibyo bigatuma bahomba.

Gusa iyo witegereje ibitanda byo muri iri soko usanga byambaye ubusa,kandi hari abacuruzi batanditse hanze y’isoko ,hasi mu ivumbi,aho bigaragara ko hadafite isuku.

Aba bacuruzi bacururiza ku bitanda bakaba basaba ubuyobozi bushinzwe amasoko muri aka karere ko bwakurikirana iki kibazo,byaba ngombwa bukagarura abasohotse bacururiza hanze yaryo ,nabo bakaza bagasubira mu bitanda byagenewe gucurizwamo,kandi bagasora kimwe n’abandi.

Ikindi kandi ngo aba bacuruzi bakamenyeshwa inzego zishinzwe kubasoresha ,n’amafranga bagomba gusora,kuko ngo byajemo akajagari kabatera urujijo n’igihombo.

Isoko rya shyorongi riherereye mu murenge wa Shyorongi,ku muhanda Kigali Musanze,rikaba rirema kabiri mu cyumweru ku wa gatatu no ku wa gatandatu.


Rukomo: Abacuruzi ngo biteguye kurwanya magendu

Uwamungu Daniel uyobora abacuruzi

Uwamungu Daniel uyobora abacuruzi ba Rukomo.

Kurwanya magendu hagamijwe kurwanya inyerezwa ry’imisoro no kubungabunga ibikorwa remezo begerezwa niyo ntego abacuruzi ba Rukomo bafite muri uyu mwaka wa 2014.  Ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Nyagatare bukaba bubakangurira kurushaho kwibumbira hamwe kuko bizatuma bihuta mu iterambere.

Iyi koperative y’abacuruzi ba Rukomo igizwe n’abacururiza Rukomo kimwe n’abandi bacururiza ahandi ariko bahoze batuye Rukomo bagera kuri 200. Nk’uko bisobanurwa n’umuyobozi w’abacuruzi ba Rukomo Uwamungu Daniel ngo bashinze iyi koperative hagamijwe kungurana ibitekerezo ariko bakanafashanya mu gihe habaye ibibazo bijyanye n’ibihombo mu bucuruzi. Gusa ariko nk’abacuruzi ngo kuba bagenda begerezwa ibikorwa remezo nk’isoko n’imihanda ngo bafite intego yo kubibungabunga ahanini bafata amazi ava ku mazu yabo kugira ngo atazagira icyo yangiza. Ariko nanone ngo bafite n’intego yo kurwanya magendu hagamijwe guhangana n’abanyereza imisoro ya Leta nyamara ariho ikura amafaranga yo kubegereza ibikorwa remezo.

Ku rundi ruhande ariko Uwamungu Daniel uyobora abacuruzi ba Rukomo avuga ko n’ubwo ubucuruzi bwabo bwaguka ariko bagifite imbogamizi zo kuba nta masoko ahagije bafite n’inganda zitunganya umusaruro w’ubuhinzi wera muri aka gace bari babasha kugira. Aha bakifuza ko ubuyobozi bwabafasha bakaba bazigeraho.

Iki kibazo ariko ngo kizakemurwa no kwihuza. Atuhe Sabiti Fred umuyobozi w’akarere ka Nyagatare avuga ko kwihuza kwabo aribyo bizabafasha kwigeza kuri byinshi. Kuri we ngo koperative bashinze bakwiye kuyiha ingufu bagashora imari mu bintu bitandukanye kuko aribwo bizarushaho kubateza imbere.

Mu byo aba bacuruzi bashima harimo kuba barabaye abambere mu kugezwaho umuriro w’amashanyarazi kuko bamwe byatumye bashora imari mu bubaji n’ubusuderi, gukorerwa imihanda n’ibiraro ndetse n’ibigo by’imari dore ko ubu centre ya Rukomo ibarizwamo ibigo by’imari 3 mu gihe mbere uwashakaga kugana ikigo cy’imari byamusabaga kuza mu mujyi wa Nyagatare.

Kamonyi: Nyuma y’urugerero biyemeje kutagira akazi basuzugura

m_Nyuma y’urugerero biyemeje kutagira akazi basuzugura1

Nyuma y’uko urubyiruko 1.507 rurangije ibikorwa by’urugerero rumazemo amezi asaga atandatu, rwiyemeje gukura amaboko mu mifuka rugakora akazi kose gashobora kubyara amafaranga kabone n’ubwo kaba kitwa ko gasuzuguritse.

 m_Nyuma y’urugerero biyemeje kutagira akazi basuzugura1

Urugerero mu karere ka Kamonyi rwashojwe tariki 30/6/22014. Nyuma y’inyigisho z’itorero, abasore n’inkumi  barangije amashuri yisumbuye mu mwaka wa 2013, bakoze ibikorwa by’ubukorerabushake mu tugari batuyemo.

Abagera kuri 205 bakoreye urugerero mu murenge wa Runda, bafashije ubuyobozi mu gikorwa cy’ubukangurambaga ku gukoresha ishyiga rya Rondereza, batera ubusitani ku biro by’utugari, bubaka uturima tw’igikoni ndetse bafasha mu gikorwa cyo gushyira ibyapa ku mazu.

Nk’uko babivuga, ngo igihe bamaze muri ibi bikorwa by’ubukorerabushake cyabafashije gusohoka mu buzima bwa kinyeshuri no kwinjira mu buzima busanzwe, ku buryo biteguye gukora imirimo yose nta wo basuzuguye.

Musekera John wo mu kagari ka Kabagesera atangaza ko bagiye guhindura imyumvire bamwe mu baturage babagiragaho kuko bajya bibwira ko hari imirimo abanyeshuri batakora. Ariko mu muhugurwa bahawe basobanuriwe ko nta murimo ufite abo ugenewe n’abo utagenewe.

Umunyamabanga nshingwabikorwa w’umurenge wa Runda Nyrandayisabye Christine, arashima uru rubyiruko umusanzu rwatanze ku gihugu kuko ibikorwa bakoze byari gutwara amafaranga menshi.

Arabashishikariza guharanira kwigira bakoresha amaboko n’ibitekerezo bakirinda guheranwa n’ubushomeri kuko mu murenge wa Runda hari uburyo bw’’imikorere n’ubwo akenshi mu kazi kahaboneka bamwe bavuga ko gasuzuguritse.

Ngo haboneka akazi ko guhereza abubatsi n’ako gukora mu nganda za Kawa. Uyu muyobozi akaba ahamya ko uwakwemera kugakora yabonamo igishoro cyo kwihangira umurimo.

Haba inyigisho uru rubyiruko rwahawe mu itorero , n’ubujyanama abahawe ku rugerero, bahamagariwe gukunda igihugu, kuko u Rwanda ari igihugu gifite umuco n’indangagaciro , uruvukamo wese yakagombye guhora yubakiraho. 


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