Ngoma: Urugaga rw’abikorera rurashima ko ruhagararirwa muri njyanama


Ubwo abahagarariye abikorera mu karere ka Ngoma batorwaga, abatowe bijeje ko bazageza kuri byinshi uru rwego bitewe n’uko bashyigikiwe na leta aho banahawe ubahagararira mu nzego zifata ibyemezo ari zo njyanama.

Abatorewe kuyobora urugaga rw’abikorera mu karere ka Ngoma bavuze ko bazababera abavugizi beza muri uru rwego rwa njyanama y’akarere kugirango  hajye hafatwa ibyemezo bitabangamiye abikorera, mu iterambere ryabo n’akarere kabo.

Kazimiri Vivens watorewe kuyobora uru rugaga mu karere ka Ngoma yavuze ko uru rugaga rukorana n’inzego za leta mu gushaka icyakwihutisha iterambere kuko hari byinshi  abacuruzi bifuzaga byagiye bibonerwa igisubizo binyuze muri uru rwego rw’urugaga rwakoze ubuvugizi.

Yagize ati” Nagirango mbabwire ko leta yacu idushyigikiye nk’abikorera kandi yifuza ko twaba moteri y’iterambere. Tuzakomeza kurebera hamwe icyaduteza imbere dufatanije kandi dukora ubuvugizi ku bibazo duhura nabyo kuko duhagarariwe muri njyanama ifata ibyemezo.

Bimwe mu bibazo byabonewe umuti harimo nk’ ikibazo cy’abacuruzi bagendaga bagira TIN number nyinshi ndetse na za register de commerce  hanyuma hakorwa ubuvugizi kugirango izo TIN number zindi batagikoresha bazisubize zireke gukomeza kubarirwa imisoro zitagikora.

Hari n’ibibazo bijyanye n’ishyirwaho ry’amafaranga y’umusoro aho ubu ngo uzajya ushyirwaho, uhagarariye urugaga rw’abikorera yatanzeho ibitekerezo kuko nawe afite intebe muri njyanama y’akarere.

Bamwe mubari mu rugaga rw’abikorera mu karere ka Ngoma bavuga ko babona hari inyungu nyinshi ndetse ko bazungukira mu mishinga urugaga rufite yo kwishyira hamwe bagakora company cyangwa sosiyete y’ishoramari muri aka karere.

Gusa haracyari imbogamizi za bamwe mu bataritabira kujya mu rugaga kuko kugera ubu habarurwa abanyamuryango bagera kuri 200 mu karere kose bityo aya matora akaba yaranabaye umwanya wo guhamagarira abandi bikorera kugana uru rugaga ngo bahuze imbaraga biteze imbere.

SoSoMa industries wins Africa’s SME award

SoSoMa industries wins Africa’s SME award

Finally, this year’s top award for SME of the Year went to SoSoMa Industries, another Rwandan SME specialising in agro-business.

“We wanted to celebrate SMEs by spotlighting champions capable of transforming the continent and creating value,” explained Amadou Kane, former Finance Minister of Senegal, who was selected to lead the awards panel. “They are the torch-bearers of the Africa SME Champions community.”

Africa SME Champions is so much more than just a conference. We will offer the business and institutional community a framework to meet their needs and enable them to interact with one other.

SMEs need money, but they especially need support as well,” explains Didier Acouetey, founder of the specialist recruitment agency AfricSearch and creator of the event. “This is why we decided to launch Africa SME Champions, a platform to support African SMEs.”

Scheduled to launch in early 2015, this platform aims first to offer support tools to SMEs based on information derived from the fifteen or so thematic sessions presented at the forum.

These sessions dealt with issues such as writing a business plan, marketing techniques and customer relations.

The partner institutions and enterprises, including the IFC, the African Development Bank, OCP, investment funds and consulting firms, will all contribute input to this database of expertise.

In addition to the website, the Africa SME Champions platform will offer very concrete support and consulting services.

“Once SMEs find the information they need on the website, a dedicated team will be on hand to connect them to the relevant funds and consultants who can help them to raise the necessary funds. An entire ecosystem will be available in support of African Champions,” explains Didier Acouetey.

The Africa SME Champions Forum community has also made plans to create the “African Champion” label.

This label will be attached to SMEs based on several criteria, such as their ability to create jobs, their role in regional integration, their implementation of good governance principles, etc. With this label, they will be able to enjoy favourable conditions in the partner countries. In addition to tax advantages, they will also be able to access public procurement contracts, recruitment aid and guarantee funds.

The pan-African bank Ecobank, an event partner, has itself announced the creation of Ecobank SME Clubs. Albert Essien, the bank’s general director, described this project:

“SMEs merit special attention. These clubs will be privileged spaces for dialogue to better evaluate funding needs and make it easier to obtain funding. The criteria for joining the clubs will be extremely simple.”

The Africa SME Champions Forum ( closed on 12 November in Dakar, but its work in support of African champions is only just beginning.

Bringing together over 300 SMEs and around 100 African economic and political policymakers, these two days of dialogue produced the foundations for a very concrete roadmap.

This roadmap will guide the actions of the Africa SME Champions community in anticipation of the next forum, to be held in Nairobi in November 2015.

The forum also offered an opportunity to recognise champions. The African SME Champions Awards, sponsored by the African Guarantee Fund, honoured three enterprises, which were selected following a rigorous and transparent process. The director of Village Group in Rwanda was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award. Tabaki, a Kenyan SME, won the Regional SME Award

Ngororero: Private sector should do more -mayor Ruboneza

The Ngororero district mayor Gideon Ruboneza has called on the private sector to increase its participation in the district’s economic development, saying the current levels of private investments are still wanting.

“We want to harness the expertise, resources and innovation of the private sector to help the most vulnerable,” said the mayor Gideon Ruboneza, Ngororero district. “This leads to better job opportunities, more investment and more resources to improve productivity and public well-being.”

Ruboneza explained that the private sector has created job opportunities to more people from poverty to prosperity in Ngororero district but the sector still has a lot to improve on.

Private sector should do more -mayor Ruboneza

The Ngororero district mayor Gideon Ruboneza boasts of the achievements of PSF

Ruboneza said that Ngororero district has registered infrastructural development in areas.

It is the primary source of economic growth, job creation, government revenue to finance essential public services, and the goods and services required to improve people’s quality of life.

The projects that were recently realized will play a part in performance of Ngororero district in the realization of performing contracts 2014/2015.

Private sector should do more -mayor Ruboneza1

Ibrahim Kanyambo, coordinator of PSF Ngororero believes hard work and full participation leads to development

Kabaya and Matyazo sectors are the exemplary sectors that have already initiated PSF cooperatives which are operational and of positive impact to its members.

Language affecting local contractors

Language affecting local contractors

Rwandan contractors are losing lucrative tenders in East Africa because they cannot comprehend bid documents written in the English Language. This is according to Donatien Mungwararera, director of The Private Sector Federation Rwanda (PSF).

“Though we carryout periodic trainings in languages, we do not reach everyone,” said Mungwararera, who advised traders to try their best to learn “the most commonly spoken languages in the region, especially English and Swahili, to enhance their competitiveness.”

Laying credence to the PSF director’s claim, a local supplier of construction materials, Enock Kamugisha, told this reporter that he lost tenders on four occasions because he could not understand all the requirements stated in the bid documents.

“Bids are drafted in English; and there are many technical terms that we fail to understand,” he said.

PSF, a professional organization dedicated to promoting the interests of the Rwandan business community has noted that learning the languages will boost the growth of Rwanda’s private sector..

According to Rwanda’s 2013 Manpower Survey released earlier this year, most Rwandan business people do not understand English and Swahili. This has made them less competitive within the region.

To help solve this challenge, the Ministry of East African Community Affairs has developed a new language policy that will offer Swahili and English lessons at an early age.

“We have a policy that aims at teaching Swahili from lower secondary education. The policy is already being implemented by the Ministry of Education,” said Jean Pierre Niyitegeka, the director of social development centre at the ministry.

Ngoma:   Komite nshya ya PSF yiyemeje gukemura ikibazo cyo gusiragira ku bacuruzi

Komite nshya ya PSF yiyemeje gukemura ikibazo cyo gusiragira ku bacuruzi

Abatorewe kuyobora PSF ngoma

Komite nshya y’abikorera (PSF) mu karere ka Ngoma  kuri uyu wa 18/11/2014 nyuma yo gutorwa yijeje ko igiye kwihutisha umushinga wo gutangiza  company yabo ya  NIG (Ngoma investment group)no gukemura ikibazo cyo gusiragira no guhora mu nzira ku bacuruzi bajya kurangura za Kigali.

Ubusanzwe abacuruzi bo mu turere twa Ngoma na Kirehe bakora urugendo runini bajya kurangura Kigali aho basanga ibicuruzwa byinshi bifuza.

Uretse gukemura iki kibazo cyo gusiragira ku bacuruzi ngo iyi komite ifite gahunda mu bindi bikorwa by’ishoramari binyuze muri NIG, ariko ngo bakazabigeraho kubufatanye n’abanyamuryango ba PSF muri aka karere ka Ngoma.

Komite yatowe iyobowe na Kazimiri Jivens wasimbuye kuri uyu mwanya Isabwe Vedaste, abungirirje  perezida muri iyi komite nshya ni Uwanyirirgira Mediatrice ndetse na Hitimana Vedaste.

Mu ijambo rye ubwo yari amaze gutorwa Kazimiri yashimiye cyane leta y’u Rwanda ko yahaye abikorera urubuga ngo biteze imbere ndetse banateze imbere igihugu cyabo. Yijeje kandi abanyamuryango ubuvugizi ku bibazo bibabangamiye mu kuba bakwiteza imbere.

Yagize ati” Icyo navuga ni uko ubuyobozi budushyigikiye rwose kubona ubu mu karere muri njyanama hajyamo n’uhagarariye abikorera murumva ko n’ibibazo byacu bizabasha gukorerwa ubuvugizi kuko dushyigikiwe. Ndabasba kumba hafi nkuko muntoye ntimuzantererane.”

Umwe mubari muri iri huriro ry’abikorera kugiti cyabo mu karere ka Ngoma,Uwanyirigira Mediatrice, we akangurira abantu bikorera kugana iri huriro kugirango bahuze imbaraga ndetse n’ubushobozi babashe kwiteza imbere kuko bazungukira byinshi muri iryo huriro.

Yagize ati” abatari mu rugaga kandi bikorera barahombye kuko hari gahunda nyinshi nziza mu rugaga urumva nkiryo guriro ku bacuruzi, ndashishikariza abacuruzi batarajya muri uru rugaga kujyamo.”

Urugaga rw’abikorera mu karere ka Ngoma kugera ubu nta bikorwa by’iterambere bigaragarira amaso bari bakora nkuko hari aho urugaga usanga barashoye imari mu bikorwa by’iterambere ry’akarere nko kubaka isoko rinini n’ibindi.

Komite icyuye igihe ivuga ko bibanze mu kubanza kubaka inzego ngo babone gutangira ibikorwa bitandukanye by’iterambere aho batangije company y’ishoramari ndetse na sosiete y’ishoramari ngo ikaba igiye gutangira nkuko biherutse gutangazwa na Isabwe Vedaste wari uyoboye komite icyuye igihe.

Kugera ubu PSF Ngoma igizwe n’abanyamuryango babarirwa muri 200, baturuka hirya no hino  mu mirenge igize akarere ka Ngoma.

Agaciro Development Fund Corporate Trust : Les transporteurs (ATPR) contribuent avec plus de 60millions de Francs Rwandais

L’Amb. Gatete Claver et Olivier Nizeyimana qui préside  ATPR

L’Amb. Gatete Claver et Olivier Nizeyimana qui préside  ATPR

L’Association Rwandaise des Transporteurs des passagers (ATPR) a contribué au Fond du Développent Agaceriro (Agaciro Development Fund Corporate Trust.), avec 67,2millions de Francs Rwandais. Ce fond a récemment atteint plus de 23,8 miliards de Frws déjà collectés.

« Cette contribution est une façon de remercier le gouvernement pour avoir assuré un environnement favorable du business dans le pays », a déclaré Olivier Nizeyimana, président de ATPR, lors de la remise de ce chèque à l’Amb Claver Gatete, Ministre des Finances et de la Planification Economique (MINECOFIN en sigle en anglais) à l’Hôtel Umubano à Kigali.

Nizeyimana a fait savoir que cet argent a été contribué par les membres de l’association qui sont des propriétaires des véhicules de transport publique et les employés de ce groupe. Il a ajouté que l’association va continuer la sensibilisation de ses membres pour qu’ils contribuent encore plus d’argent pour AGACIRO.

Gatete a salué les efforts de cette association pour appuyer l’initiative du Rwanda vers l’autosuffisance. Amb. Gatete a exhorté cette association et à tous les Rwandais de continuer leur contribution dans le Fond d’Agaciro. Le Ministre a rappelé que le gouvernement dépendait entièrement de l’aide étrangère pendant trois ans après le génocide contre les Tutsi de1994. Il a souligné que ceci a beaucoup changé car le Rwanda finance actuellement une grande partie du budget.

« Même si nous ne sommes pas encore au point de financer totalement le budget national, à l’aide de l’argent collecté localement, il est nécessaire de créer les initiatives, comme le Fond d’Agaciro, pour que en cas des problèmes financiers, nous ayons une position de repli », a expliqué Gatete.

Ce Fond qui a été inauguré en Août 2012, est le premier Fond Rwandais de souveraineté basé sur les dons volontaires des Rwandais, dont des individus, des entreprises, et des institutions publiques. Ce Fond vise, à faire le Rwanda un pays économiquement indépendant. Une grande partie de ces 23.8 milliards Frws déjà collectés ont été investis et le bénéfice annuel varie entre 8 et 12%.

Nyaruguru: Private institutions urged to buy treasury bonds

Nyaruguru: Private institutions urged to buy treasury bonds

Member of the private sector in Nyaruguru district have been urged to buy treasury bonds which promotes saving culture and help the government in development plans.

The government embarked on a Treasury bond program in a bid to boost the capital market development and fund infrastructure projects. The primary objective is to increase and diversify participants in the Treasury Bond Market.

Gasana revealed that sometimes the government has little money compared to what is needed to undertake some development projects.

“This is why the government auctions treasury bonds for interested buyers as a way of helping the holders save as well as be part of national economic development” he explained.

He also explained that Treasury bond helps the investor to get annual interest on the amount invested and is guaranteed to sell her shares at anytime.

“Apart from saving, one lends to the government and benefits from the economic development through the bonds,” he said.

Faustin Mazimpaka, head of Tea growers’ cooperative in Nshili-Kivu in Nyaruguru district the treasury bond is another way of saving for long term interest and contributing to the development of the country.

“To me, it’s one way of saving and investing in the activities meant to bring national economic development,” he added.

“It all depends on how one earns. Farmers for example cannot afford Treasury bond denomination of Rwf100, 000. But for others that might need to invest money in property, treasury bonds is the way to go,” said Mazimpaka.

Jean Leonard Murego, from National Bank of Rwanda (BNR)

Jean Leonard Murego, from National Bank of Rwanda (BNR)

The government of Rwanda issued Rwf15 billion treasury bond with a seven-year maturity period.

This move is in line with the renewed government commitment to revive the bond market. Proceeds from the bond will be used to finance infrastructure projects as well to develop the capital market.

“The main challenge is that seven-years is a long period yet most people earn less to make such a big investment,” he added.

The bond target market is domestic, regional and international investors. On the local stage the bond targets banks, investment groups, Umurenge SACCOs, Micro-Finance Institutions, Cooperative Banks, Insurance companies, Pension Funds among others.

Muhanga: Manda nshya y’abagize urugaga itegerejweho gukosora ibitagenda muri PSF.

Manda nshya y’abagize urugaga itegerejweho gukosora ibitagenda muri PSF

Abagize komite nshya ya PSF muri muhanga

Bimwe mu bitegerejwe ko iyi manda izakora ni ukurushaho guhuza ibikorwa by’abagize urugaga no kurumenyekanisha mu banyamuryango bo hasi.

Nk’uko byari byagaragajwe mu nama n’abakozi b’urugaga rw’abikorera ku rwego rw’igihugu, yabaye mu cyumweru gishize,  bamwe mu bikorera bo muri aka karere,  bavuze ko  komite y’urugaga icyuye igihe irangije manda,  itabashije kumenyekanisha  imikorere n’inshingano  z’urugaga.

Ibi byatumye mu matora yabaye kuri uyu wa mbere taliki ya 10/Ugushyingo/2014, abarahiriye kuyobora manda nshya biyemeza ko bagiye  kwegera abikorera  kugirango harusheho kwegereza ibikorwa abikorera bo hasi,  imikorere y’urugaga ndetse n’inshingano yarwo, kugirango  abikorera barusheho kurumenya no kurugezaho ibibazo bahura nabyo.

Perezida mushya w’urugaga I Muhanga Dushimimana Claude, avuga ko   kubanza kumenyekanisha  imikorere y’urugaga,  ari cyo kiri ku ikubitiro mu kwinjira neza mu mirimo mishya kuko hari bamwe mu bikorera  batari bazi neza inshingano z’urugaga ndetse n’akamaro rubafitiye.

Ibi ngo bizatuma hahuzwa imbaraga no gushishikariza abashoramari, gushora imari yabo muri  akaKkarere ari byo azakurikizaho.

Ati:’’ Muri iyi manda dutorewe, tuzakorana ibiganiro byinshi n’abikorera, imyanzuro izaba ivuyemo,  tubone kuyishyira mu bikorwa kugirango Akarere kacu gatere imbere’’.

Uhagarariye    urugaga rw’abikorera ku rwego rw’igihugu Murekatete Clémence,  avuga ko  ibyo abikorera banenze komite icyuye igihe,  ari byo  iyi komite  itowe igomba guheraho  ishyira mu bikorwa, kuko urugaga rudashobora gukomera mu  gihe cyose hari abarugize badasobanukiwe  n’imikorere yarwo.

Umuyobozi w’akarere ka Muhanga Mutakwasuku Yvonne, asaba ko  abatowe bagomba  gukora  cyane, kuko  ngo nta cyemezo  kizafatwa n’izindi nzego   kireba abikorera, komite zibahagarariye zitabigizemo uruhare.

Komite nshya ku rwego rw’akarere igizwe n’abantu batatu bazamara imyaka itatu, hiyongeraho abandi bantu barindwi  b’abajyanama, bazaba bashinzwe  gukemura impaka mu rugaga,  aba batatu batowe bahita bajya mu nama njyanama y’Akarere, aho bazajya bashyikiriza.



Nyanza: Abikorera ku giti cyabo bashyizeho komite ibahagarariye

Abikorera ku giti cyabo mu nzego zitandukanye zo mu karere ka Nyanza bashyizeho indi komite ibahagarariye maze abari basanzwe muri komite icyuye igihe bagarukamo ndetse haninjizwamo amaraso mashya binyuze mu matora yakozwe kuri uyu wa mbere tariki 10/11/2014.

Aya matora yabereye mu nzu y’isangano ry’abanyenyanza akayoborwa na Komisiyo y’igihugu y’amatora yaranzwe n’umwuka mwiza nk’uko byemejwe n’abari indorerezi ndetse n’inteko itora yari igizwe n’abantu 60 bari baturutse mu mirenge yose igize akarere ka Nyanza uko ari 9.

Abikorera ku giti cyabo bashyizeho komite ibahagarariye

Uhereye i Buryo ni Perezida w’urugaga rw’abikorera, Kayitesi Immaculée, Umuhoza Egidie Visi perezida wa mbere na Havugimana Said visi perezida wa Kabiri w’urugaga rw’abikorera ku giti cyabo batowe mu karere ka Nyanza

Ku mwanya wa Perezida w’urugaga rw’abikorera ku giti cyabo hatowe Madamu Kayitesi Immaculée agaruka kuri uyu mwanya kuko n’ubundi yari umuyobozi warwo mu myaka itatu ishize.

Uyu Kayitesi Immaculée wari umukandida umwe rukumbi kuri uyu mwanya niwe wegukanye umwanya w’ubuyobozi bw’uru rugaga nyuma y’uko mu biyamamaza ariwe wari wujuje ibisabwa mu gihe undi witwa Havugimana Saidi bari buhangane kuri uwo mwanya yamamajwe n’inteko itora ariko akayihakanira.

Ku mwanya wa visi perezida wa mbere w’urugaga rw’abikorera ku giti cyabo abakandida babiri bahataniye uwo mwanya barimo abitwa Umuhoza Egidie na Ndikumukiza Vincent ariko amatora yarangiye Umuhoza Egidie ariwe wegukanye uyu mwanya arushije amajwi uyu mugenzi we bari bahanganye.

Uwitwa Havugimana Said wari wabanje kwamamazwa n’inteko itora ku mwanya w’ubuyobozi bw’urugaga ariko akabyanga niwe watorewe kuba visi perezida wa kabiri atorwa nta wundi ubonetse ngo bahangane mu kurushanya amajwi.

Izindi nzego zigize komite y’urugaga rw’abikorera ku giti cyabo yagombaga gutorwa ni igizwe n’abashinzwe gukemura impaka barindwi batowe bakaba bakuriwe na Uwera Alice.

Abakurikiranye aya matora kimwe n’inteho itora ubwayo bashimye ko yabaye mu mutuzo uzira umuvundo ndetse hagatorwa abayobozi babishoboye.

Semukwiye Innocent wari mu nteko itora akaba yari aturutse mu murenge wa Ntyazo yavuze ko amatora yagenze neza avuga ko komite yatowe bayitezeho byinshi byiza.

Yagize ati: “ Komite twishyiriyeho irashoboye twiteze ko izatugeza ku bintu byinshi bizamura imibereho yacu ndetse n’iterambere rirambye aho dukorera no mu gihugu cyacu muri rusange”

Madamu Kayitesi Immaculée watorewe kuyobora uru rugaga rw’abikorera ku giti cyabo mu karere ka Nyanza yavuze ko mu byo ashyize imbere ari ugushora imali mu buryo bufatika ikagirira akamaro abayitangije ndetse n’abazabakomokaho ngo hatibagiranye n’igihugu muri rusange.

Umuyobozi wungirije ushinzwe ubukungu n’iterambere mu karere ka Nyanza Nkurunziza Francis yavuze ko abatowe abatezeho umusaruro ufatika ngo kuko bamwe muri bo basanzwe bari mu nzego z’ubutegetsi bwite bwa Leta kandi ngo banafite ubumenyi buhagije.

Yabivuze atya: “Ni abantu ubona ko basobanutse bazagira uruhare mu iterambere ry’akarere ndetse n’ibyo bakora bizatera imbere kuko basanzwe babyitangira mu buryo butandukanye”

Uyu muyobozi yakomeje avuga ko urwego rw’abikorera ari imbarutso y’iterambere ikaba n’iy’ubukungu burambye.

Nyuma y’uko iyi komite ihagarariye urugaga rw’ibikorera ku giti cyabo mu Karere ka Nyanza itowe kuri uyu wa kabiri tariki 11/11/2014 amatora arakomeza ku rwego rw’Intara y’Amajyepfo mu karere ka Huye aho abatowe mu turere two muri iyi Ntara nabo bagomba kwitoramo abazabahagararira ku rwego rw’igihugu.



Vital decision to propel  entrepreneurial businesses

Rob Shallenberger

Taking right decisions helps the entrepreneur to minimize risks that would cripple the growth of their business, experts have revealed.

Rob Shallenberger, CEO and Senior Consultant for Becoming Your Best says that  entrepreneurs as leaders and mangers should ensure that   their decision impact positively   in their journey towards creating their dream businesses.

“A solid plan begins with a clear vision of the desire outcome, As clear vision helps determine the goal and  keeps the  plan  focused on the  desired  result, “  he said  during the   becoming your  Best  training for  Rwandan  youth in Kigali  on  Thursday

The training organized by Ministry of youth and ICT and the young entrepreneurs chamber   aims at  equipping young leaders and  entrepreneurs  with tools that  would enable  them  be  part of the   ambitious  goals the  country  set to   leapfrog the economy into  middle income.

“Rwanda needs these young people to become strong and sustainable entrepreneurs and leaders, and it needs to leverage its greatest resource: the human capacity of these young people,” said Lydie Hakizimana, Chairwoman Young Entrepreneurs Chamber

She adds, “We need partners to expose and empower today’s young Rwandan leaders on best practices and skills in the 21st century’s leadership.”

She says that adding that “Setting clear expectations can lead to increased accountability and a clear understanding of what is to be accomplished.”

Experts advise that the entrepreneur’s ultimate desire will  help  in  driving the  goals of their   businesses, as their vision  on other hand  describes the  culture they  wish to  establish  in their  organization.

“When you learn to employ the power of knowledge in positive ways, you become trusted, you can be given more responsibility, you can improve your financial opportunities and you fell a greater sense of satisfaction,” said Shallen berger

Experts   believe that   shaping one’s character as well as setting a clear vision would help entrepreneurs develop   international   corporates and organizations which would therefore foster the private sector growth of the country.

“A test of character isn’t   how you  responding  when things are going well, but  how  you respond when  things  get  tough  and the pressure  is  high,” hesaid adding that “Through   learning and hard work, you can become thebest atwhat you do.”

The training comes at the time when   efforts to foster youth entrepreneurship faces setbacks as most youth looks more of capital than  developing their  idea  into fundable and profitable  business.


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