American Investor Pumps $2 Billion In Lucrative Rwandan Firms

Two American investors have invested over $2 billion in Rwandato save thousands of local enterprises struggling to access capital at even a higher interest rate.

Working through a locally registered company Kountable, the Americans have been providing funding to multiple businesses including suppliers who need service their contracts or won tenders.

For example, when a local company successfully wins a tender to supply items, it will approach Kountable and secure quick funding at an interest rate as low as 2% compared to 20% interest rates from local banks.

Once the local company delivers the items to their client and gets paid, the local company will have to pay back to Kountable.

“We mobilize American companies to lend us money after explaining the good environment of business inRwanda,” Chris Hale, Kountable co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, told KT Press.

American Investor Pumps $2 Billion In Lucrative Rwandan Firms

Left to right: Ian Goudy, kountable Executive Vice-President of Operations, Catherine Nomura, co-founder, Chris Hale, CEO and Leandre Cyusa, country representative

Kountable, worth 2 trillion, is targeting other established and well-networked entrepreneurs in emerging economies across the world.

“We were looking to start this global venture in a corrupt free country. Rwanda is,” says Hale.

Hale noted that, “With very dedicated and dynamic small and medium enterprises,Rwanda is a fast developing country in Africa.” They have registered 100 deals seeking support, since August 2014.

Among these, 17 deals worth Rwf 1.1 billion ($ 1.6 million) were concluded. They included supply of health, manufacturing and ICT equipment.

Rwanda‘s trade and industry Minister Francois Kanimba, told KT Press, “Kountable operations show it is a very good project.”

To obtain funding, one needs to score between 500 and 1000 in social capitals, meaning networks and influence that enable a business to successfully run the business.

Kountable even investigates the business via social networks such as Facebook and Tweeter.

In March, a Rwandan company, Cyusa Digital Agency (CYUDA) won a tender worth Rwf 90 million to print 35,000 health insurance smart cards for University of Rwanda.

CYUDA later approached Kountable for funding and secured Rwf 4.8 million, including printing machines and papers.

“This created confidence amongst Rwandan SMEs. We can now bid in tenders involving huge amount of money without worry of collaterals and high interest rates on credit from our banks,” says Leandre Cyusa, the proprietor of CYUDA.

Source: KTPress

Kirehe:Pineapple processing transforming lives

Pineapple growers in Gahara sector of Kirehe district says that Tuzamurane cooperative that dries pineapples has improved their social and economic conditions.This Tuzamurane cooperative operates in Gahara sector in Kirehe and has factory that process pineapples into dried ones.

A kilogram of processed pineapples cost $15 and have a stable market in Belgium and France

A kilogram of processed pineapples cost $15 and have a stable market in Belgium and France

“Having managed to put up a plant that dries up pineapples making different products has increased the value of pineapples and we now have a stable market in Belgium and France and we are developing,” explains Alphonse Manirareba, the chairperson of Tuzamurane cooperative.

The membership fee to join this cooperative was Rwf5000 at first and with the development of the cooperative, membership fee is Rwf80 000 with members being able to share about Rwf600 000 of the profits made by the cooperative annually.

Tuzamurane Cooperative has many pineapple farms among other things

Tuzamurane Cooperative has many pineapple farms among other things

The cooperative which now owns the house they are operating in and many pineapple farms is planning on buying vehicles to use in their daily work.

“Now that we have stable markets in Belgium and France, we are planning on expanding the plant to make 60 kilograms of pineapple a daily to satisfy the demand we have,” explains the chairperson of the cooperative.

“This is incredible with great prices of processed pineapples at Rwf10 000 when the unprocessed pineapples cost only Rwf150, it is a venture worth investing in,” says Franҫois Kanimba, the minister for trade and industry.

Rwanda Motor Taxi Industry Generates $1 Billion Annually

On a cool Tuesday morning, Edward Tuyisenge 30, arrives at Nyabugogo bus terminal from Ruyenzi town centre in the outskirts of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital.

The 30km ride from Ruyenzi in Southern part of Rwanda to Kigali, is part of Tuyisenge’s daily routine.

He rides 60km every day. “I hit this road every morning and evening. Kigali is the busiest destination for my business,” says the father of three.

Tuyisenge has been a motor taxi operator for the past 10 years; he says “Motor taxi business pays off. I look after my family, take children to school and save money for other investments,” he toldKT Press.

In Ruyenzi town centre, Tuyisenge owns a sizeable residential house and two commercial buildings.

“I built these houses from savings I got from this business,” he says.

Like Tuyisenge, Rwandan motor taxi operators contribute enormously to Rwanda’s economy, despite their profession regarded as ‘cheap’ business to many in the country.

Motor Taxi transport is affordable and most used form of transport across the country.

Motor Taxi transport is affordable and most used form of transport across the country.

A billion dollar business

A chilling investigation conducted by KT Press, indicates that motor taxi transport industry is worth Rwf726 billion ($1 billion) annually.

This is worth a total grant the World Bank Group recently committed to Rwanda in the next five years.

According to FERWACOTAMO,an umbrella organization for 240 motor taxi cooperatives, there are 78,000 known members.

Each cooperative pays Rwf160, 000 as taxes annually, amounting to Rwf38, 400,000 ($540, 000) from the 240 cooperatives.

Now, every motor taxi operator is required to commit Rwf300 daily to FERWACOTAMO, yet for every three months, each driver pays Rwf18, 000 as taxes, equivalent to Rwf72, 000 ($100) per year.

KT Press established that on average, a motor taxi operator can generate Rwf25, 000 ($45) daily or more depending on the number of clients and working hours.

Jean Pierre Ndaruhutse 25, has been driving a motor taxi for six years in the capital Kigali.

“Normally, when I hit the road hard, I can take home more than Rwf40, 000($55) a day,” he says.

It is from this amount that Ndaruhutse services his motor cycle, buys fuel and saves the balance to take care of his family including; paying rent, buy food, clothing and cover other expenses.

KT Press has established that the annual taxes from the motor taxi business (Rwf6 billion) can fund an entire district budget.

According to the Ministry of Local Government, one district spends roughly Rwf8 billion.

Ironically though, the industry generates more revenues (Rwf712 billion) than revenues generated by Bank of Kigali, the country’s largest commercial bank, which makes Rwf21 billion as annual net profit.

Also, Bralirwa, the largest brewer, a conglomerate of Dutch-based Heineken group, does not come close to the motor taxi industry.  It makes just Rwf19 billion annual net profit.

The 78,000 motorbikes operating around Rwanda are largely distributed by Verma, an Indian-based company with offices in the country.

More so, the industry is also twice bigger than the country’s total 2014 exports, including minerals, cash crops and others, according to the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda, were worth Rwf432 billion ($599.8 million).

There are about 78,000 motor taxi operators in the country. They contribute over $1Billion annually into Rwanda’s economy

There are about 78,000 motor taxi operators in the country. They contribute over $1Billion annually into Rwanda’s economy

From ex-combatants, school drop-outs to motor taxi operators

According to available data from FERWACOTAMO, most categories of these motor taxi operators in Rwanda are ex-combatants in the Rwandan army, while others are school drop-outs.

“Almost 70% of motorists fall in that category,” Celestin Ntaganzwa, the president of FERWACOTAMO told KT Press.

Alexandre Karekezi, is a motor taxi operator in down town Kigali’s busiest Nyabugogo bus terminal.

He joined the business after being repatriated after spending years in Democratic Republic of Congo fighting for FDLR, a militia group responsible for the 1994 genocide against Tutsi that claimed a million lives.

“I realized staying with FDLR was a bad choice. I decided to surrender and return home where I was taken to a re-integration centre before joining the business,” he says.

Working for government and corporate institutions

Meanwhile, apart from generating high revenues, the motor taxi industry is also involved in social activities such as Umuganda (community work).

According to Celestin Ntaganzwa, the president of FERWACOTAMO, when all the members of the association take part in the exercise, their work is valued at Rwf100 million every year.

Motor taxi operators also facilitate government institutions to spread their campaigns across the country.

No deal can corporate companies in Rwanda successfully accomplish without taxi motor operators services.

These companies, especially those in the telecom sector like Airtel Rwanda, Tigo and MTN Rwanda, rock heads fighting to brand motor riders. In 2012 alone, Tigo Rwanda branded 11, 000 jackets to motor drivers in Nyarugenge district, Kigali city.

Much like Edward makes his fortunes from taxi motor business, Ntaganzwa told KT Pressthat: “We want to ensure the government sees us as big partners in development.”

Source: KT Press

ILO iraganira n’abagira uruhare mu igenamigambi mu guhanga imirimo



ILO iraganira n’abagira uruhare mu igenamigambi mu guhanga imirimo

Bamwe mu bayobozi bakora mu nzego zigira uruhare mu igenamigambi baganira uburyo hakongerwa imirimo

Umuryango mpuzamahanga wita ku murimo ufatanyije na Ministere y’abakozi ba Leta n’umurimo hamwe n’abayobozi bagira uruhare mu igenamigambi mu gihugu baraganira uburyo gahunda ya Leta y’u Rwanda yo guhanga imirimo ibihumbi 200 buri mwaka yagerwaho hashingiwe ku inararibonye mu bindi bihugu.

Inama y’iminsi ibiri yatangiye tariki 21/5/2015 mu karere ka Rubavu,  izafasha abayobozi bagira uruhare mu igenamigambi mu gihugu kuzirikana gahunda yo guhanga imirimo mishya idashingiye ku buhinzi n’ubworozi nkuko biteganyijwe muri gahunda y’imbatura bukungu ya kabiri (EDPRSII).

Minisitiri w’abakozi ba Leta n’umurimo Uwizeye Judith akaba avuga ko hari ikizere ko iyi gahunda izagerwaho hashingiwe ku mbaraga leta yabishyizeho mo kongera amashuri y’imyuga kuri gahunda ya kora wigire no gukorana n’abikorera mu kongera ibikorwa bitanga akazi.

Mu ibarura rusange ryakozwe 2012 ryagaragaje ko 3.4%  by’abanyarwanda badafite iyo gukora nubwo hari abafite imirimo ariko itagira icyo ibamarira. Ryagaragaje ko mu mijyi abadafite imirimo ari 7.7%, naho 67% by’abadafite akazi ni urubyiruko rufite hagati y’imyaka 16-34.

ILO iraganira n’abagira uruhare mu igenamigambi mu guhanga imirimo

Minisitiri w’abakozi ba Leta n’umurimo hamwe na Lamin bakurikirana ibiganiro

Lamin  Mamodou Manneh, umuhuzabikorwa w’ibikorwa by’Umuryango w’Abibumbye mu Rwanda, avuga ko kwiga uburyo guhanga umurimo

byakongerwamo imbaraga mu Rwanda bitanga ikizere kiza mu muryango nyarwanda hashingirwa gufasha urubyiruko n’abagore kubona imirimo kuko byabafasha kwifasha no kwicyemurira ibibazo.

Manzi Eric umunyamabanga nshingwabikorwa w’urugaga rw’amaeindika y’abakozi mu Rwanda (CESTRAR), avuga ko bishimira gahunda za leta y’u Rwanda mu kongera umubare w’abakozi kuko bizagabanya umubare w’abadafite akazi n’ubukene cyane cyane mu rubyiruko n’abagore bagaragara nk’abadafite imirimo bigatuma bakomeza gupfukiranwa n’ubukene.

Mu mwaka wa 2014 ikigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe guteza imbere ubumenyi ngiro WDA cyari cyabaruye ibigo by’imyuga 308, intara y’Uburengerazuba ariyo ifite ibigo byinshi bigera kuri 80, mu mwaka wa 2015 hakaba habarurwa ibirgo 365.

Rutsiro: abikorera Bashima ko bashyiriwe ho amahirwe yo kumurika ibyo bakora.

Rutsiro: abikorera Bashima ko bashyiriwe ho amahirwe yo kumurika ibyo bakora.

Kuwa gatanu tariki ya 15 Gicurasi mu karere ka Rutsiro hashojwe imurikabikorwa ry’abikorera batandukanye bakorera muri rutsiro, bishimira ko babonye amahirwe yo kwereka abaturage ibyo bakora ariko ngo inshuro imwe mu mwaka ntihagije.

Imurikabikorwa ngo rituma abantu b’ingeri zose baza kureba ibyo bakora bityo ababagana aho bakorera bakiyongera ku buryo babona inyungu ariko ngo byaba byiza imurikabikorwa ribaye kenshi mu mwaka ngo kuko umubare w’ababagana wakwiyongera.

Mugemangabo Jean Bosco utuye mu murenge wa Gihango uhinga ibitoki bipima ibiro byinshyi yagize ati” kumurika ibikorwa byacu biradufasha nk’ubu nkanjye ubushize ubwo nazaga mu imurikabikorwa narushijeho kubona abangana baje kungurira ibitoki nko muri Karongi baraje ndetse na za Rubavu, nkumva rero nko mu mwaka ribaye inshuro nk’ebyiri cyangwa zirenze narushaho kubona abakirirya”

Niyibizi Gilbert ufite sosiyete ikora amatafari n’amategura ikorera mu murenge wa Manihira yavuze ko nawe abona kumurika ibikorwa byabo bityo isoko rikaguka hirya no hino bakamenya aho bakura ibyo bakeneye ndetse n’ababikora bakabona isoko ku buryo bworoshye.

Umuyobozi w’akarere Gaspard byukusenge yijeje abikorera ko hazabaho kwicara bakareba niba byashoboka biityo bakaba bategura imurikabikorwa inshuro zirenze imwe aho yagize ati”nibyo imurikabikorwa rifasha akarere ndetse n’abaturage tuzaganira n’urugaga rw’abafatanyabikorwa JAF dusanzwe dufatanya kuritegura nibishoboka tuzareba uko twategura imurikabikorwa inshuro nyinshi”

Uretse abikorera batangaza ko imurikabikorwa ribafasha n’abaza muri iryo murikabikorwa bavuga ko bituma nabo bamenya aho bashakira icyo bakeneye mu gihe bibaye ngombwa.

N’ubwo bamwe bavuga ko bibafasha kubona ababagana hari bamwe banze kuryitabira ngo kuko bituma batakaza amafaranga kandi ntacyo bacuruza bityo bagahitamo kwikomereza ubucuruzi bwabo.

Iri murikabikorwa ryatangiye ku wagatatu tariki ya 13 Gicurasi risozwa kuri uyu wa gatanu tariki ya 15/05/2015 rikaba ryaritabiriwe n’abikorera batandukanye harimo ibigo n’amabanki ndetse n’abacuruza ibintu bitandukanye.

Mbarushimana Cisse Aimable.

Nyamagabe: Hari bamwe mu rubyiruko rumaze kugera ku bikorwa by’iterambere

Nyamagabe: Hari bamwe mu rubyiruko rumaze kugera ku bikorwa by’iterambere

Umuyobozi w’akarere asura ibikorwa by’urubyiruko

Bamwe mu rubyiruko rwo mu karere ka Nyamagabe, rumaze kugera kubikorwa byo kwiteza imbere byivugira, nyuma y’uko bamwe muri rwo batabashije gukomeza amashuri kubera ubushobozi bucye, bagahitamo gukora ibikorwa bibateza imbere.

Muri uku kwezi kwahariwe ibikorwa by’urubyiruko, kwatangiye ku ya 5 Gicurasi, 2015 hagenda harebwa ibikorwa bitandukanye by’iterambere urubyiruko rwaba rwigejejeho kandi bakarugira n’inama kugira ngo imishinga rukora itazahomba.

Nyamagabe: Hari bamwe mu rubyiruko rumaze kugera ku bikorwa by’iterambere

Ingurube zorowe n’urubyiruko

Urubyiruko rwishyize hamwe muri koperative “Terimbere Rubyiruko” ikora ubworozi bw’ingurube mu murenge wa Gasaka, akarere ka Nyamagabe, mu kiganiro twagiranye rwatangaje ko, bahereye ku ngurube 3 ubu zimaze kuba 16 mu gihe cy’amezi make gusa.

Uwitwa Tereza Bizumutima aravuga ko gukurikiza inama babagira no gukora cyane byabazaniye inyungu.

Nyamagabe: Hari bamwe mu rubyiruko rumaze kugera ku bikorwa by’iterambere

Yagize ati: “umunyamuryango ntago yigera abura mutuweli turayimuha, ibishashi by’ingurube dufite bimaze kugira agaciro k’amafaranga menshi, dufite n’amafaranga kuri konti arenga 500,000 ayo yose twagiye tuyabona kubera ko turimo korora.”

Uru rubyiruko rukaba rufite na gahunda yo gukangurira bagenzi barwo kwishyirahamwe mu bikorwa bibateza imbere, bagakomeza no gufashanya kandi bagafasha n’abakene.

Uwitwa Emile Kamuranga aravuga ko ingurube borora ni ziba nyinshi bazabasha koroza abaturage batishoboye.

Yagize ati: “iyo umuntu agize ikibazo mu rugo iwe cy’uburwayi, cyangwa agapfusha umuntu turamufasha, ikindi ingurube nizimara kororoka bihagije tuzagenda tworoza n’abantu bakennye cyane kurenza abandi.”

Urubyiruko ruragirwa inama yo gukora ariko ruteganyiriza ejo hazaza kugira ngo imishinga rukora izarambe nk’uko umuyobozi w’akarere Philbert Mugisha yabidutangarije ubwo yasura ibi bikorwa.

Yagize ati: “urubyiruko rukwiye gutekerereza mu myaka myinshi mu buryo burambye uko bagakwiye kuba babaho, bivuga ko umushinga bafite ukwiye kuba ari umuhsinga uramba, kandi bakabigira mo uruhare banizigama, bateganyiriza ejo hazaza.”

Uyu mushinga w’ubworozi bw’ingurube ukaba waratewe inkunga n’umuryango wabanyakoreya Semaul Dong, ukubakira ibiraro.

Caissy Christine Nakure

Rukira: Tailors advised to form a cooperative


Rukira sector administration in Ngoma district advised up to 10 elderly men and women tailors working in Rukira market to form a cooperative for sustainable development.

This comes after women and men tailors working from Rukira market decry lack of customers, saying clients look for younger tailors who know modern designs.

One of them Sevornie Nyirahabimana, revealed that of late customers come looking for young tailors with the belief that old tailors are unaware of modern designs.

“Like in 1994 I had up to Rwf200, 000 on my account and other properties acquired from my profession. However, these days I earn so little because the young tailors get all the customers because we are old and unaware of new designs,” lamented Nyirahabimana.

Other tailors told this website that they now do building and farming alongside tailoring because they do not earn enough to cater for their families.

Mathias Ngenda, executive secretary of Rukira sector highlighted that the reason these tailors are not earning enough from their profession is because they work as individuals than working together in a cooperative and set up a tailoring workshop.

“We always advise them to form a cooperative but in vain due to fear of rent and taxes. However, we will continue to advise them because one cannot attain development while working as an individual,” said Ngenda.

This comes when the government encourages residents to form cooperatives, access bank loans and achieve fast social and economic development.

Rusizi: Abikorera barasabwa guhindura imyumvire mubufatanye na Leta


Abikorera bo  mu karere ka Rusizi barasabwa guhindura imyumvire y’ishoramari bava mu bikorwa byo kwirwariza buri wese  ku giti cye ahubwo bakibumbira hamwe mubikorwa rusange bibabyarira inyungu kandi birambye.

ibi babisabwe n’ishyirahamwe ry’uturere n’umujyi wa Kigali (RALGA) ku wa 16/05/2015, nyuma yo kubona ko ishoramari ry’abikorera bo muri rusizi rikiri hasi nyamara kandi ari akarere gafite amahirwe menshi yo gukoreramo imishinga ibyara inyungu kuburyo bwihuse bitewe nuko gaturiye imipaka y’ibihugu bibiri.


Gihoza Bizimungu Jean ushinzwe ibikorwa byo gusuzuma imigendekere y’ishoramari ry’abikorera ry’uturere n’umujyi wa Kigali avuga ko hakigaragara akajagari kenshi mubikorera aho usanga bakorera mumabutiki abandi bakirirwa babunza bunza udutaro mugihe nyarama bahuriza hamwe bagakora igikorwa cy’umushinga munini bazamura aho kwirirwa mu bikorwa by’inyungu zigihe gito

Habyarimana Julibert umwe mubikorera bo mu karere ka Rusizi  avuga ko inama nyinshi bagenda bahabwa zibasaba kwibumbira hamwe bagiye kuzikurikiza kugirango babashe kwiteza imbere dore ko ngo muri aka karere bafite amahirwe bakoresha neza akaba yabayarira inyungu

Icyakora Habyarimana akomeza gutangaza ko bahura n’imbogamizi zikomeye mu gutangiza ibikorwa by’imishinga migari harimo kuba abikorera bose bataragira imyumvire imwe aho usanganga ari bake bumva iyo gahunda aha agasaba ko Leta n’izindi nzego z’abikorera zakomeza kubishyiramo imbaraga kugirango abikorera koko bazabashe kuyobora ubukungu bw’igihugu

Umuyobozi w’akarere ka Rusizi wungirije ushinzwe ubukungu Kankindi Leoncien avuga ko mugihe abashoramari bahindura imyumvire bakishyira hamwe ngo byatuma batera imbere ubwabo utaretse n’akarere dore ko hari amahirwe menshi yo kubigeraho harimo ubucuruzi bwambukiranya imipaka dore ko ari akarere gaturiye imipaka y’ibihugu bibiri.

Umuyobozi w’akarere wungirije ushinzwe ubukungu Kankindi akomeza kuvuga ko bazagerageza gufasha abikorera kubakorera ubuvugizi babafasha no gukemura imbogamizi bahura nazo mu ishoramari ryabo kugirango babashe kugera aho bifuza munyungu zabo n’igihugu muri rusange.


Rukira: Abashaje badodera mu isoko barakangurirwa gukorera mu makoperative

Rukira: Abashaje  badodera mu isoko barakangurirwa gukorera mu makoperative

Abasaza n’abakecuru badodera mu isoko rya Rukira ho mu karere ka Ngoma barakangurirwa n’ubuyobozi bw’uyu murenge  gukorera mu makoperative kugirango babashe kwiteza imbere  byihuse kuko gukora bonyine bitabageza ku iterambere.

Aba basaza n’abakecuru barabikangurirwa mugihe bataka ko batakibona abakiriya ngo bitewe nuko baza bishakira abakiri bato bibwira ko abashaje nta modeli zigezweho baba baziho.

Nyirahabimana Sevornie,umwe muri aba basaza n’abakecuru bagera hafi 10 badodera mu isoko,avuga ko  amaze imyaka 40,adodesha imashini ariko ko ubu atakibonamo  amafaranga kuko  ibiraka bishyushye byitwarirwa n’abakiri bato.

Yagize ati” Nko muri 1994 nari mfite ibihumbi 200 kuri kinti ya banki ndetse n’amasambu n’inzu byose nakuye mu mashini. Ubu ngubu aho bigeze ntamafaranga ikinjiza ubu  mba naje kureba ko nabona  akunyu n’agasabune. Ibiraka bishyushye byitwarirwa nabakiri bato twe ngo ntituzi modeli zigezweho.”

Abandi basaza badodera muri iri soko usanga bavuga ko ubudozi babufatanya n’indi myuga nko guhinga no kubaka,bitewe nuko babona kudoda gusa bitabatunga nkuko mbere bakiri bato byabagendekeraga.

Ku ruhande rw’ubuyobozi bw’umurenge wa Rukira,bo bavuga ko impamvu batabasha kubona abakiriya ngo kudoda bibatunge,aruko bakora mu buryo bwa nyamwigendaho  ntibahuze imbaraga mu makoperative ngo bashing atoriye.

Ngenda Mathias umuyobozi w’umurenge wa Rukira, yagize ati”Duhora tubakangurira kwibumbira mu makoperative ariko usanga batahita babyumva,abantu iyo bakuze burya biragorana. Hari ubwo usanga batinya igishoro cyo gukodesha amazu,imisoro n’ibindi. Turakomeza tubegere kuko ntiwakora wenyine ngo utere imbere.”

Mu busantire bw’uyu murenge uhasanga amazu menshi badoderamo(atoriye z’ubudozi) ndetse abakoreramo bakavuga ko babona abakiriya kandi bikabasha kubatunga, mugihe aba basaza bo bagaragaza imbogamizi z’igishoro kugirango nabo babe bakishyira hamwe.

Nubwo bavuga ko Babura igishoro,kurundi ruhande usanga bose bagaragaza imbogamizi ikomeye yuko batashobora gukora igihe kinini kuko bashaje

ndetse ngo no kwita ku bana n’urugo nabyo ngo bibabera imbogamizi zo kuba bakora buri munsi badahinga ngo bite ku bana.


Ruhango: Abagore n’urubyiruko bemerewe kuremerwa kugirango bihutishe iterambere

Ruhango:  Abagore n’urubyiruko bemerewe kuremerwa kugirango bihutishe iterambere

Urubyiruko n’abagore bagera kuri 55, baturuka mu mirenge yose igize akarere ka Ruhango, bagiye guhabwa amafaranga azabafasha kongerera ubushobozi bwabo mu byo basanzwe bakora kugirango, barusheho kwiteza imbere no guteza abandi imbere.

Ruhango:  Abagore n’urubyiruko bemerewe kuremerwa kugirango bihutishe iterambere

Abagiye guhabwa aya mafaranga, bakaba ari abantu bagiye batoranywa mu mirenge, ariko bakaba bari bafite ibitekerezo byo gukora imishinga iciriritse bagahura n’imbogamizi zo kutagira igishora gihagije.

Mukabadege Sara Delphine ushinzwe guteza imbere umurimo, mu karere ka Ruhango, yavuze ko muri aba bantu, buri umwe azagenerwa amafaranga ibihumbi 100, azaza yunganira imishinga yabo basanzwe bakora.

Ruhango:  Abagore n’urubyiruko bemerewe kuremerwa kugirango bihutishe iterambere

Aba bantu uko ari 55, bakaba bamaze iminsi ibiri bahugurwa muri gahunda ya “kora wigire” National employment program,  amahugurwa agamije kubongerera ubumenyi mu byo bakora, kugirango batazasubira inyuma.

Abitabiriye aya mahugurwa banitegura guterwa inkunga, bavuga ko bari basanzwe bakora utuntu ducirirtse bakadusuzugura, ariko muri aya mahugurwa ngo bungukiyemo ko gutera imbere bidasaba guhera kuri byinshi.

Niyonsaba Charlotte ukorera ubucuruzi bw’imbuto mu gasantire ka Karambi umurenge wa Kabagali, yavuze ko yungukiye byinshi muri aya mahugurwa, akizera ko agiye kuyasangiza abandi bakitinya mu gutangiza iminsinga, bityo bose bagatera imbere.

Naho Gatete Fabien ucuruza amagi mu gasantire ka Ntenyo mu murenge wa Byimana, avuga ko yajyaga yisuzugura ndetse akamva akazi kamuteye

ipfunwe, ariko ngo aya mahugurwa amwongereye icyizere cy’uko agomba gukomeza ibyo akara, ahubwo agashyiramo udushya twinshi.

Abazahabwa aya mafaranga nyuma y’aya mahugurwa, bizerako imishinga yabo bagiye kurushaho kuyiteza imbere.

Umuyobozi w’akarere ka Ruhango Mbabazi Francois Xavier, yasabye urubyiruko n’abagore bari muri aya mahugurwa yatangiye tariki ya 14/04/2015, ko bagomba gukomeza bakagera ku ntego bihaye, bakaba barwiyemeza mirimo bazagirira igihugu akamaro.



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