UN-Rwanda, Government sign RwF 4.96bn Grant 

UN-Rwanda, Government sign RwF 4.96bn Grant 

The Government of Rwanda and One UN Rwanda, yesterday signed US$ 7.2 million (approximately RwF 4.96 billion)

The grant will strengthen the capacity of National and Sub-National Institutions to generate data and enhance evidence based on Policy Planning, Analysis and Monitoring and Evaluation.

The five-year (2013 -2018) program plan is derived from the United Nations Development Assistance Plan (UNDAP).

It outlines the continued support of UN agencies in capacity building for the national and sub-national institutions, coordinated by the Institute of Statistics of Rwanda, in conducting high quality data collection, data analysis and dissemination.

These are instrumental in tracking progress towards the realization of the set results of the Second Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS2) and other international development goals.

The Minister for Finance and Economic Planning Claver Gatete noted that the support was in line with EDPRS2 especially on increasing engagement of citizens in development planning at all levels.

“This support will focus on in-depth analysis and utilization of existing information for evidence-based policy making and monitoring and evaluation, especially at decentralized levels,” Minister Gatete said.

Minister Gatete also noted that funds would help in producing accurate data and information that would help in decision making.

Overall the project will support institutional capacity building for data production in socio-demographic and economic surveys such as Census, the Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis and Demographic and Health Survey.

It will also support integrated households living conditions survey, various more sector specific surveys and frameworks like gender statistics framework will also be strengthened.

The UN contributed to improvement of capacity to undertaking governance assessment to strengthen the evidence base for policy and programming in the area of governance and to produce.

Why some people prefer banks to credit associations

Why some people prefer banks to credit associations

While the government of Rwanda is encouraging citizens to form associations to achieve fast social economic development, some traders revealed their reasons for avoiding associations.

Traders form lending and saving associations especially at the place of work that help them improve their businesses. Members give money to one person or two according to agreed time.

Viater ishimwe is a shoe seller at Kimironko market. He said associations are good but they are stressing especially to the small scale entrepreneurs.

“Money is collected daily and every member will pay without any excuse. This means you have to borrow some where if you did not make any sales that day,” he said.

“The first one to get the money mostly benefits more since it’s injected in the business while the last one needs to have stable income to keep business going and contributing every day,” he added.

Annet Wibabara, another proprietor at Kimironko market confirmed that keeping to the standards of an association can lead to business collapse to some traders.

“I used to be a member of an association but pulled out due to financial constraints. Sometimes you could be forced to contribute all the money leaving nothing to buy new items. This created a slow back in my business hence quitting associations,” she lamented.

Richard Nsabimana, who sells potatoes at the same market, disclosed that it’s better to save your money in the bank than joining associations.

“Keeping savings in the bank allows a trader to access a loan in addition to accessing his or her money anytime for business expansion,” he added.

The Government of Rwanda views associations and Cooperatives as a potential vehicle through which the members could create employment and expand access to income-generating activities, develop their business potential, including entrepreneurial and managerial capacities through education and training; increase savings and investment, and improve social well-being with special emphasis on gender equality, housing, education, health care and community development.

Nyabihu moves to relocate fruit street vendors

Vegetable and fruit sellers in Jenda sector of Nyabihu district are urged to join selling points for organised business and cleanliness

Vegetable and fruit sellers in Jenda sector of Nyabihu district are urged to join selling points for organised business and cleanliness

Fruits and vegetable vendors operating in different sectors of Nyabihu district have been asked to vacate the streets in a bid to stop exposing consumers to health risks.

Angela Mukaminani, vice mayor for economic development in Nyabihu district said that vendors work in an informal economy manner in unregulated and unprotected environment that is not conducive to business and unhealthy of both consumers and sellers.

Vegetable and fruit sellers in Jenda sector of Nyabihu district are urged to join selling points for organised business and cleanliness2

“The move is aimed to end chaos and make sure such traders operate in an organized manner and also this will improve cleanliness.

She added that on top of improving cleanliness, the markets would help to formalize business, a move he said, is good for both consumers and vendors.

Mukaminani also mentioned that the district does not want to see vendors on the streets. “We want them to work in smart places.” she said.

She added this is because operating alongside roads is illegal and exposes consumers to health risks since such places are not hygienic enough.

Making sales out of selling points and markets is illegal

Making sales out of selling points and markets is illegal

In a bid to address the issue, the district constructed selling points for fruits and vegetables in Jomba, Jenda, Rurembo and Kabashuma sector. Other two selling points are still construction.

Nyabihu: Selling point mu gukemura ikibazo cy’ubucuruzi bw’a kajagari ndetse n’icy’isuku ku bicuruzwa

Mu myaka mike ishize mbere y’uko hubakwa udusoko duto kuri tumwe mu dusantire tutegereye cyane amasoko manini,wasanganga ubucuruzi bw’akajagari bwo ku mihanda hamwe na hamwe mu karere ka Nyabihu, cyane cyane ubucuruzi bw’imboga n’imbuto. Ubu bucuruzi wasangaga  bamwe mu bacururiza ahemewe babwinubira nk’ububabangamira .

Abacuruza mu buryo bw’akajagari kandi budafite isuku barasabwa kugana “selling point” cyangwa ahandi hakorerwa ubucuruzi mu buryo bwemewe

Abacuruza mu buryo bw’akajagari kandi budafite isuku barasabwa kugana “selling point” cyangwa ahandi hakorerwa ubucuruzi mu buryo bwemewe

Mu gukemura iki kibazo kuri ubu gisa n’ikigenda kirangira burundu, hubatswe utuzu duto ducururizwamo  “Selling Point”  hamwe mu hagiye hari Santire zikunze gukorerwaho ubu bucuruzi cyane hategereye amasoko manini.

Nk’uko umuyobozi w’akarere ka Nyabihu wungirije ushinzwe iterambere ry’ubukungu n’imari Mukaminani Angela abivuga,kuri ubu hashize igihe hubatswe selling point enye, imwe mu murenge wa Jomba,indi mu wa Jenda,indi mu wa Rurembo naho indi ikaba ari iya Kabashumba.

Mu murenge wa Mukamira naho,hakaba hari kubakwa indi mu kagari ka Rubaya,ahari agasoko gato karema buri mugoroba bakunze kwita  mu Gasasangutiya.

Umuyobozi w’akarere wungirije ushinzwe iterambere ry’ubukungu n’imari asaba abagore bacururiza mu Kajagari kubireka bagasanga abandi muri “selling Point”(aha ni mu murenge wa Jenda)

Umuyobozi w’akarere wungirije ushinzwe iterambere ry’ubukungu n’imari asaba abagore bacururiza mu Kajagari kubireka bagasanga abandi muri “selling Point”(aha ni mu murenge wa Jenda)

Uyu muyobozi akaba avuga ko utu dusoko twubatswe kugira ngo dufashe abaturage mu bucuruzi bwabo bahahirane byoroshye ariko kandi n’akajagari k’ubucuruzi butemewe mu gacike ndetse n’abacururizaga mu mihanda,hasi, n’ahandi hatemewe kandi mu buryo budafite isuku babireke bagane muri utwo dusoko cyangwa ahandi hakorerwa ubucuruzi hemewe.

Ikindi,mu gihe ibyari bikunze gucuruzwa muri ubwo buryo byiganjemo imboga n’imbuto,gushyiraho udusoko nk’utwo ,Angela akaba avuga ko ari uburyo bwo kugira ngo na bene ibyo bicuruzwa bicururizwe ahantu heza kandi hafite isuku,ku buryo n’ubishaka abisanga ahantu heza hafite isuku kandi hemewe.Ugikora ubucuruzi bw’akajagari wese akaba akangurirwa kubireka,kuko butemewe kandi n’isuku yabwo ikaba ikemangwa.






Kuri aka gasantire,hakunze kurema agasoko buri mugoroba mu murenge wa Mukamira naho hagiye kuzura selling point izakemura ikibazo cyo gucuruza muri ubu buryo




Low volumes of trade on local bourse

Low volumes of trade on local bourse

Today on Rwanda stock exchange, the market activity was lower compared to the previous trading session. The total turnover for the day was Rwf 5,364,800 from the Bank Of Kigali counter which recorded 3 transactions of 21,200 shares traded between Rwf 250-254. The Bralirwa counter was quiet.

Bralirwa share price remained unchanged from the last Thursday’s closing price of Rwf 460 and BoK share price closed down Rwf 6 at Rwf 250. KCB shares last transacted at Rwf 185 while NMG and Uchumi Supermarket shares last transacted at Rwf 1,200 and Rwf 175 respectively

Today 18th August, 2014 RSE Equity Market Price list


Security Closing price(Rwf) Previous price(Rwf) Change
BK 250 256 -6
BRALIRWA 460 460 -
KCB 185 185 -
NMG 1,200 1,200 -
USL 175 175 -


Rwanda bourse turnover at Rwf25M

Rwanda bourse turnover at Rwf25M

As of closure of trading on the Rwanda stock exchange on Thursday, Rwanda Stock Exchange had recorded a total turnover of   Rwf25 million from 55,100 shares all from Bralirwa that were traded in seven deals.

The transactions were between   Rwf459rw and Rwf460 and closed at Rwf460. The day’s trade was a decline from the previous 45 million francs made from the day before that had been affected mainly due to a drop in Bralirwa and Bank of Kigali share prices, as well as a decrease in Bralirwa’s traded volumes, according to RSE market report.

The drops affected the Rwanda Share Index, which shed 0.67 points to close at 262.77 points compared to 263.44 points on Tuesday.

Bralirwa traded 92,800 shares yesterday compared to 161,300 shares that exchanged hands on Tuesday.  Bank of Kigali traded 20,100 shares, an increase from 4,300 shares sold the previous day.

As of Thursday, Bank of Kigali, Kenya Commercial Bank, Nation Media Group and USL shares last transacted at Fwf285, Fwf185, Frw1, 200 and 175 respectively.

Rubavu: ubuyobozi ntibuca akajagari mubakora umwuga w’ubavunjayi k’umupaka muto

Kuva mu mwaka wa 2013 ku mupaka muto uha imbibi Goma na Gisenyi hakomeje kugaragara abakora umwuga w’ubuvunjayi kuburyo butemewe n’amategeko, mu gihe abafite inzu bakoreramo ndetse basora bavuga ko bibatera igihombo.

Bamwe mubakora akazi ko kuvunja amafaranga mu karere ka Rubavu bafite aho bakorera hemewe n’amategeko bavuga ko ikibazo cy’abakora akazi ko kuvunja batabifitiye uburenganzira gikomeje kubahombya kuko kubera kutishyura inzu ndetse ntibatange imisoro bashyira igiciro hasi bigatuma ababyishyura bahomba.

Nyamara gukora akazi ko kuvunja mu kagajagari ntibyemewe nkuko bigaragazwa n’itegeko rigena imikorere n’imivunjishirize y’amafaranga y’amanyamahanga mu Rwanda, aho risaba ko abakora umurimo wo kuvunja amafaranga bagomba kugira aho bakorera hazwi, bikajyana no kugaragaza ibiciro bavunjiraho bitewe n’agaciro k’ifaranga kugira ngo bikureho ubujura n’ubumamyi kubaba batazi uko ifaranga rihagaze.

Rubavu: ubuyobozi ntibuca akajagari mubakora umwuga w’ubavunjayi k’umupaka muto

Benshi mu binjira mu Rwanda bavuye Goma bakirwa n’abavunjira hanze aho kujya mu mazu yabigenewe

Nubwo henshi mu karere ka Rubavu abakora umwuga wo kuvunja babyubahiriza, hari abandi batabyubahiriza kandi bibanda ahaboneka amafaranga akenewe kuvujwa nko ku mupaka muto hamwe no ku mupaka munini ihuza Goma na Gisenyi.

Bamwe mubakora umwuga wo kuvunja byemewe n’amategeko mu karere ka Rubavu bavuga ko bakomeje guterwa igihombo n’abakora aka kazi ku buryo butemewe n’amategeko. “abavunja mu nzira batangira umugenzi kuburyo adashobora kutugeraho kandi bakamuhera igiciro gito kubera ko nta misoro batanga, ibi biraduhombya, kandi n’ubuyobozi bw’akarere twagaragarije ikibazo ntibugicyemura.”

Bamwe mubakora umurimo wo kuvunja batashatse ko amazina yandikwa bavuga ko batanze kubahiriza amategeko ahubwo ari ugushaka ikibabeshaho kuko benshi ari abagore. “leta yadusabye kuva mu buraya no mu gucora, ubu rero twatangiye inzira yo kwihangira umurimo nibadufashe ahubwo uburyo twabikora neza ariko batadukuye mu kazi.”

Cyakora nkuko bitangazwa na Ngendahimana uvunja byemewe n’amategeko ngo babangamiwe n’abavunja bitemewe n’amategeko kuko uretse kubagusha mu gihombo, ababikora ntibatanga imisoro ndetse ntibubahiriza n’ibiciro byo kuvunja.

Ku ruhande rw’akarere ka Rubavu umukozi ushinzwe ubucuruzi Nsengimana Raymond avuga ko bagerageje kugira inama abakora akazi ko kuvunja bitemewe n’amategeko babagira inama yo kwihuriza hamwe bakagira aho bakorera ariko ngo ntibiragerwaho.

Burera: Selling Point ya Cyanika imaze ukwezi kurenga idacururizwamo kubera kwibwa

m_Selling Point ya Cyanika imaze ukwezi kurenga idacururizwamo kubera kwibwa

Abacuruzi bacururiza imyaka itandukanye mu nzu izwi ku izina rya “Selling Point” iri ku mupaka wa Cyanika, mu karere ka Burera, bamaze igihe kirenga ukwezi badakora nyuma yo kwibwa amasaka yari muri iyo nzu.

Iyo ugeze kuri iyo “Selling Point” usanga ifunze n’ingufuri ndetse nta n’ibicuruzwa birimo. Ku mpande zayo naho hatangiye kumera ibyatsi bigaragara ko nta bantu baheruka kuyicururizamo.

Abo bacuruzi, bishyize hamwe, bavuga ko bibwe mu ntangiriro z’ukwezi 01/2014. Bibwe n’umukozi wararaga izamu kuri iyo nzu. Ngo yabibye ibiro 600 by’amasaka bagombaga gucuruza muri iyo minsi.

asumani Innocent, ukuriye abo bacuruzi, avuga ko nyuma yo kwibwa bahise bakuramo amasaka bari basigaranye barahafunga.

Agira ati “Twayavanyemo uwayarariraga yayibye ubwo kuberako nta umuzamu bituma tutaba dushyizemo ibindi…”. Akomeza avuga ko uwo muzamu wabibye yahise atoroka. Ngo bakeka ko yaba yaratorokeye mu hahoze hitwa mu Mutara.

Sumani avuga ko kandi kuri ubu bari kwisuganya ngo kuburyo mu minsi ya vuba bazashyira muri “Selling Point” ibishyimbo maze bagatangira kubicuruza.

Yongeraho ko batarabiba babonaga abakiriya bakinjiza amafaranga. Gusa ariko ngo ikibazo bagira ni uko iyo nzu bacururizamo yitaruye santere ya Cyanika kuburyo ngo bituma batabona ababagurira buri munsi. Abakiriya babona ngo ni abo baba bavuganye kuri telefone.

Agira ati “Tugurisha abantu bahazi kubera ko uri kubona ntabwo yegereye isantere neza, ariko baraza ibyo tuba tuhafite ntabwo bibura abaguzi, haza abanyemodoka bakabitwara…tuzakomeza gukora tu.”

Sumani akomeza avuga ko ikindi kibazo bahura nacyo ari icy’amafaranga make. Agira ati “Abantu baba badafite amafaranga menshi nyine ngo bakore byinshi. Kuko iyo ari byinshi n’abakiriya baba benshi.”

Akomeza avuga ko bakunze gucuruza mu gihe imyaka yeze. Bacuruza cyane cyane ibirayi, ibishyimbo ndetse n’amasaka.

Mu mwaka wa 2012 nibwo “Selling Point” ya Cyanika yatangiye gucururizwamo. Igifungurwa ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Burera bwavugaga ko izajya kusanyiizwamo ibintu bitandukanye bikorerwa muri ako karere.

Gusa ariko usibye iyo myaka nta kindi kintu gicururirzwamo. Akenshi kandi usanga iyo nzu ikinze umuntu akibaza niba icururizwamo.

Zaraduhaye Joseph, umuyobozi wungirije w’akarere ka Burera, ushinzwe ubukungu n’iterambere, avuga ko iyo “Selling Point” izaha akarere inyungu ngo kuko hagiye guhindurwa abayicururizagamo.

Abayikoreragamo mbere ngo ntibayibyaje umusaruro kuko baturukaga kure yaho yubatse. Ariko ngo bagiye gushaka koperative ikorera hafi y’umupaka wa Cyanika ibe ariyo ikoreramo bityo yinjize umusaruro ugaragara.

RUSIZI: Abacuruzi bo mumangazini bakomeje kubangamira abacuruza amafaranga y’amadovizi

RUSIZI Abacuruzi bo mumangazini bakomeje kubangamira abacuruza amafaranga y’amadovizi

Hashize iminsi abacuruzi b’amafaranga y’amahanga binubira abakora akazi ko gucuruza amafaranga bakakabangikanya n’akandi k’ubucuruzi busanzwe kandi batabifitiye uburenganzira, ibyo ngo bimaze kugira ingaruka zikomeye kubakora uwo mwuga aho ngo basigaye bajya kuvunjisha amafaranga mumangazine asanzwe abantu bakoreramo ibisanzwe.

Zimwe mumpamvu zituma aba bavunjisha amafaranga y’amahanga batakigana abavunjayi ngo ni uko batagihabwa ibicuruzwa baba bagiye guhaha kubera ko aho babishakira mumangazini yo mu mujyi w’akarere ka Rusizi ndetse no munkengero zawo babasaba amafaranga y’ amahanga cyane cyane amadorari ava muri congo ibyo bigatuma aba banyamahanga  batagana abavunjayi babyemerewe.

Ba nyiri amafaranga bahitamo gukoresha amanyamahanga bahaha kugirango abacuruzi batabima ibyo bifuza nkuko bitangazwa na Habyarimana Martin umuyobozi w’aba bacuruzi b’amadovizi mu turere twa Rusizi na Nyamasheke arikumwena bagenzi be.

Aba bacuruzi bavuga ko usibye kuba ubwabo bahomba ngo n’igihugu kibihomberamo bikabije cyane cyane ngo bikaba bitesha agaciro ifaranga ry’URwanda , ikindi ni uko ngo aba babikora ngo ntibamenyekanisha umubare w’amafaranga y’amahanga yinjiye mugihugu kandi ngo ntibabitangira n’imisoro

Aba bacuruzi b’amafaranga y’amadovizi barifuza ko abacuruza amafaranga y’amadovizi batabifitiye uburenganzira bahagurukirwa kuko ngo iyi ari magendu ikomeye, aha bakaba basabye ko abifuza gukora uyu mwuga babanza bakabwirwa amategeko bagenderaho

Mu isoko ryo mu mujyi wa Butare, irayidi ntiyabazaniye icyashara uko bari babyiteze


tariki ya 8/8/2013, abayisiramu bijihije irayidi (eid al-fitr). Kubera ko bashoje igisibo bakaba bagomba gukora umunsi mukuru wo gufungura, twatekereje ko hari icyo byaba byahinduye ku cyashara cyo mu isoko ryo mu mugi wa Butare. Nyamara si ko byagenze.

Uwanyuze mu isoko ryo mu mugi wa Butare uyu munsi tariki ya 8, yabonye ko hari ibicuruzwa bihagije: imboga, imbuto, ibirungo bishyirwa mu biribwa, n’ibindi. Abacuruzi biteguye bihagije  icyashara bazabona kuri uyu munsi wo gusoza igifungo ku bayisiramu, irayidi.

Nyamara, uretse abacuruza inyama, isombe n’ibirungo, abandi bacuruzi ntibacuruje uko bari babyiteze. Umwe mu babyeyi bacuruza imboga zitandukanye yagize ati « Icyashara ni ibisanzwe, nta cyahindutseho uretse wenda nko mu nyama, n’ibirungo na byo bikeya. »

Uyu mucuruzikazi na we acuruza ibirungo. Nyamara ngo yabonye ibyo yacuruje ntaho bitandukaniye n’ibisanzwe.

Yagize ati “ubundi iyo habaye n’umunsi mukuru mutoya, abakeneye ibintu bivanga n’abaguzi basanzwe maze ukabona isoko ryashyushye. Ariko uyu munsi si ko byagenze”. “Njye numiwe!”, uyu ni mugenzi we wari hafi aho.

Igihe uyu mubyeyi yavugaga atyo, abaguzi benshi bari ahacururizwa inyama, ku buryo mu masaa sita zasaga n’aho zishize. Negereye Mukarusine Helena bakunda kwita mama Yasini, uyu akaba ari umuyisilamukazi ucuruza inyama, maze ambwira ko yishimiye icyashara cy’uyu munsi.

Yagize ati « irayidi yagenze neza, twabonye abakiriya … Twasabanye n’abakiriya bacu… twabahaye irayidi, batuguriye, muri make nkaba mbashimira kandi mbifuriza umunsi mukuru mwiza. »

Ibyishimo bya Mama Yasini byenda gusa n’ibya Nyiransabimana Berenadeta, we akaba acuruza isombe. Yagize ati « Icyashara cyiyongereye urebye uko indi minsi yabaga imeze, cyane cyane nko mu birungo, inyama, … »

Igitera Berenadeta kuvuga atyo ni ukubera ko ngo mu masaa sita yabaga amaze gucuruza ibiro 10 by’isombe gusa, ariko uyu munsi kuri iriya saha ngo yari amaze gucuruza ibigera kuri 20.

N’ubwo umunsi w’irayidi utahiriye abacuruzi bo mu isoko ryo mu mugi wa Butare, ngo bafite icyizere cyo guhozwa n’uko kuwa gatandatu hari abana b’abagaturika benshi bazahabwa isakaramentu ryo gukomezwa. Batekereza ko ejo kuwa gatanu bazabona icyashara cyo kwitegura iyo minsi mikuru.


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