Ruhango: Urubyiruko rwahawe amahugurwa y’akazi kanoze ngo ntawe ruzatega intoki

urubyiruko rwahawe amahugurwa y’akazi kanoze ngo ntawe ruzatega intoki 

Urubyiruko rwo mu murenge wa Byimana akarere ka Ruhango, rwahawe amahugurwa y’akazi kanoze n’umuryango Rwanda Organization Development Initiative “RODI”, ruravuga ko ubumenyi rwahakuye buzatuma bihangira imirimo, ntirugire uwo rutega intoki rumwaka akazi.

urubyiruko rwahawe amahugurwa y’akazi kanoze ngo ntawe ruzatega intoki

Ubwo rwasozaga aya mahugurwa rumezemo ukwezi tariki ya 15/07/2015,urubyiruko rwavuze ko rugiye kumanuka rukajya hasi, rukareba amahirwe akikije aho batuye, kandi bakanafasha abaturanyi kubyaza umusaruro amahirwe abakikije.

urubyiruko rwahawe amahugurwa y’akazi kanoze ngo ntawe ruzatega intoki

Nyirandorimana Simonie, n’umwe muri 74 bitabiriye aya mahugurwa, avuga ko we akimara kumva neza amahugurwa bahawe yabigishaga ku gutinyuka kwihangira imirimo, gucunga neza amafaranga, kwigirira icyizere, yahise atekereza umushinga yakora, atangira kwizigama ubu akaba agiye gushinga salon itunganya ubwiza bw’abagore mu gasantire ka Ntenyo.

Umuyobozi wa RODI, Uwimana Chrysostom, avuga ko bajya gutekereza aya mahugurwa y’urubyiruko, ahanini byatewe nuko babonaga ikibazo cy’ubushomeri cyugarije urubyiruko.

Ati “urubyiruko rurashoboye, rukikijwe n’amahirwe menshi, icyo twabafashije muri aya mahugurwa, ni ugutinyuka rukigirira icyizere rukabasha kubyaza umusaruro amahirwe arukikije”.

Asoza aya mahugurwa, umuyobozi w’akarere ka Ruhango Mbabazi Francois Xavier, yasabye urubyiruko kubyaza umusaruro ibyo bungukiye muri aya mahugurwa, ababwira ko ubumenyi bahakuye babusangiza abandi batagize aya mahirwe, arwizeza ko ubuyobozi buzakomeza kubaba hafi.


Logistics infrastructure key in boosting economic growth


Building a robust and strong logistics infrastructure will continue to facilitate Rwanda’s economic growth, Experts have revealed.

Charles Brewer, managing director of DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa believes that infrastructure development will attract big investors while reducing cost of doing business thus igniting economic growth.

“Government and the private sector therefore need to work together to create a sustainable and inclusive environment, and work on solutions to make it easier to conduct business and for the business environment to flourish,” he noted

Also, tackling the infrastructure through regional trade agreements for example, the East African community, Brewer says will help remove bottlenecks to trade and thus boost growth significantly.

“Africa needs to remove the obstacles which hinder the ease of doing business and continually investigate new trade agreements in the region,” the expert advised.

Moreover,  to harness this; the government has taken keen interest in developing the logistics sector, one of the efforts  that projects optimism for the country who  growth now stands In the first five months of 2015.

To facilitate logistics sector, François Kanimba Minister of Trade and industry says the government has embarked on key infrastructure projects that are likely to boost investments and ease trade within the country.

He also noted that development of the dry port, logistics hubs at ports of Mombasa and Dar es Salaam, bonded warehouses on borders as well as regional trade zone to facilitate trade and reduce costs.

“We are confident that these (facilities) will reduce operational costs as well facilitating a quick turn-around,” the Minister earlier said.

Also, the faster growth of technology is paving a way for strong logistics and ease of trade, which experts believe is a another major factor Africa mainly Rwanda should look at seriously.

The technology sector is a highly dynamic industry and the pace of change is rapid,” said Rob Siegers, President, Global Technology Sector, DHL adding that   the new trends in technology such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and others are changing  doing business.

He adds, “While growth is slowing in some of the traditional markets, emerging nations are gaining importance for technology companies, and Africa is of particular interest to many of our customers.”

SMEs tipped on marketing as need for sector growth lingers

SMEs tipped on marketing as need for sector growth lingers

Most Small and Medium Enterprises- SMEs thriveinto making better products and services but lack of marketing strategies pull them towards a deficit business, experts have explained.

This comes at the time the government is looking at ways it can help the sub sector that is pushed back by several challengesthus hamperingits expected boost to the privatesector seenas an engine of growth.

Experts say that most of the SMEs succeed in injecting capital for startup and later develop better products, but the challenge remains the ability to market the products and services.

“Marketing is key to business growth and plays a key role in increasing your competitiveness,” said AkliluMulat from Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.

Mulat notes that when entrepreneurs believe in what they are doing and are able to give their business enough time, business prosperity can be realized.

The country SMEs comprise of over 98 percent of the   private sectorbusinesses but most of them are stuck in infancy stage due to lack of businessplanning as well as marketing and management strategies.

Francois Kanimba, Minister of trade and industry believes that   equipping   SMEs with skills   in relevant areas   would help grow the sector.

“I think when we continue to equip these SMEs with skills and they put them in practice, it will improve their performance as well as profitability,” he noted.

According to central bank statistics, outstanding credit to privatesector grew by 25.3 percent year on year in May 2015 from 15.8 percent in the same period under review in 2014.

Tigo announces accelerator program

SMEs told to build   reputable platforms

Tigo Rwanda’s startup accelerator, Think has announced its three-month incubation program, think Accelerated.

The program is designed to be a fast-tracked in three-month incubation program as against its usual six month acceleration program. But both programmes will run concurrently.

Disrupt Africa reports that four startups have already been selected for the program.

“Think Accelerated enables us to attract a wider range of entrepreneurs and tech startups who will benefit from a fast-track incubator offering, keeping Africa at the forefront of innovation,” says Think’s investment manager, Paul Soko.

The four startups selected for the inaugural Think Accelerated program include Asuqu from Nigeria; a marketplace for startups in the service industry, Esaja from Zimbabwe; a business to business marketplace, Safe Motos from Rwanda; a Uber for African motorbikes and Team Tigo from Rwanda; comprising Tigo Rwanda staff who are tasked with developing digital solutions across Tigo platforms.

Participating startups will receive funding, startup specific training curriculum, Tigo resources and opportunity to interact with global tech mentors.

The accelerator program will begin next month, July 2015

Minister spends sleepless nights over entrepreneurs financing

Jean Philbert Nsengimana: the Minister of Youth and ICT

Jean Philbert Nsengimana: the Minister of Youth and ICT

The move to promote entrepreneurship that would foster the private sector to leapfrog the economy to middle income has been facing a challenge of access to finance mainly for start-ups projects.

But this challenge is not felt by  entrepreneurs only  but share it with  Minister  of youth and ICT  Jean Philbert Nsengimana, who  is  spending sleepless nights planning  on how  entrepreneurs  can outsource financing for their projects.

The Minister says that most entrepreneurs have good projects but lack financing to implement them adding that looking for ways to help them access credit  is  a challenge that prompts him to think  more.

 “When you think that there could be an entrepreneur out there who’s got a great product, who’s got a great business plan, but who cannot find financing, and then I cannot catch sleep anymore,” Nsengimana explained.

The government  in a bid to curb  down  unemployment as well as  boost the private sector set  target to create  about  200,000  jobs every year , which  means that  promoting entrepreneurship would  help  achieve the  target.

But  most  entrepreneurs   lack  finance   to   kick  off their  projects and moreover, some are not  worth to  attract  commercial banks to  provide credit  due to their risky nature, mainly lack of collaterals.

The Minister believes that   attracting more private layers with affordable products to finance entrepreneurs would help solve the challenge and thus foster economic growth.

To harness this, the University of Rwanda-College of Business and Economics (UR-CBE) is carrying out a national conference on entrepreneurship which will among other things address the challenge of financing.

The conference also supported by Wageningen University (WUR) will run under the theme, ‘Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation among the Youth for Social Economic Development’ is scheduled to take place on 12th June, 2015

ILO iraganira n’abagira uruhare mu igenamigambi mu guhanga imirimo



ILO iraganira n’abagira uruhare mu igenamigambi mu guhanga imirimo

Bamwe mu bayobozi bakora mu nzego zigira uruhare mu igenamigambi baganira uburyo hakongerwa imirimo

Umuryango mpuzamahanga wita ku murimo ufatanyije na Ministere y’abakozi ba Leta n’umurimo hamwe n’abayobozi bagira uruhare mu igenamigambi mu gihugu baraganira uburyo gahunda ya Leta y’u Rwanda yo guhanga imirimo ibihumbi 200 buri mwaka yagerwaho hashingiwe ku inararibonye mu bindi bihugu.

Inama y’iminsi ibiri yatangiye tariki 21/5/2015 mu karere ka Rubavu,  izafasha abayobozi bagira uruhare mu igenamigambi mu gihugu kuzirikana gahunda yo guhanga imirimo mishya idashingiye ku buhinzi n’ubworozi nkuko biteganyijwe muri gahunda y’imbatura bukungu ya kabiri (EDPRSII).

Minisitiri w’abakozi ba Leta n’umurimo Uwizeye Judith akaba avuga ko hari ikizere ko iyi gahunda izagerwaho hashingiwe ku mbaraga leta yabishyizeho mo kongera amashuri y’imyuga kuri gahunda ya kora wigire no gukorana n’abikorera mu kongera ibikorwa bitanga akazi.

Mu ibarura rusange ryakozwe 2012 ryagaragaje ko 3.4%  by’abanyarwanda badafite iyo gukora nubwo hari abafite imirimo ariko itagira icyo ibamarira. Ryagaragaje ko mu mijyi abadafite imirimo ari 7.7%, naho 67% by’abadafite akazi ni urubyiruko rufite hagati y’imyaka 16-34.

ILO iraganira n’abagira uruhare mu igenamigambi mu guhanga imirimo

Minisitiri w’abakozi ba Leta n’umurimo hamwe na Lamin bakurikirana ibiganiro

Lamin  Mamodou Manneh, umuhuzabikorwa w’ibikorwa by’Umuryango w’Abibumbye mu Rwanda, avuga ko kwiga uburyo guhanga umurimo

byakongerwamo imbaraga mu Rwanda bitanga ikizere kiza mu muryango nyarwanda hashingirwa gufasha urubyiruko n’abagore kubona imirimo kuko byabafasha kwifasha no kwicyemurira ibibazo.

Manzi Eric umunyamabanga nshingwabikorwa w’urugaga rw’amaeindika y’abakozi mu Rwanda (CESTRAR), avuga ko bishimira gahunda za leta y’u Rwanda mu kongera umubare w’abakozi kuko bizagabanya umubare w’abadafite akazi n’ubukene cyane cyane mu rubyiruko n’abagore bagaragara nk’abadafite imirimo bigatuma bakomeza gupfukiranwa n’ubukene.

Mu mwaka wa 2014 ikigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe guteza imbere ubumenyi ngiro WDA cyari cyabaruye ibigo by’imyuga 308, intara y’Uburengerazuba ariyo ifite ibigo byinshi bigera kuri 80, mu mwaka wa 2015 hakaba habarurwa ibirgo 365.

Ruhango: Abagore n’urubyiruko bemerewe kuremerwa kugirango bihutishe iterambere

Ruhango:  Abagore n’urubyiruko bemerewe kuremerwa kugirango bihutishe iterambere

Urubyiruko n’abagore bagera kuri 55, baturuka mu mirenge yose igize akarere ka Ruhango, bagiye guhabwa amafaranga azabafasha kongerera ubushobozi bwabo mu byo basanzwe bakora kugirango, barusheho kwiteza imbere no guteza abandi imbere.

Ruhango:  Abagore n’urubyiruko bemerewe kuremerwa kugirango bihutishe iterambere

Abagiye guhabwa aya mafaranga, bakaba ari abantu bagiye batoranywa mu mirenge, ariko bakaba bari bafite ibitekerezo byo gukora imishinga iciriritse bagahura n’imbogamizi zo kutagira igishora gihagije.

Mukabadege Sara Delphine ushinzwe guteza imbere umurimo, mu karere ka Ruhango, yavuze ko muri aba bantu, buri umwe azagenerwa amafaranga ibihumbi 100, azaza yunganira imishinga yabo basanzwe bakora.

Ruhango:  Abagore n’urubyiruko bemerewe kuremerwa kugirango bihutishe iterambere

Aba bantu uko ari 55, bakaba bamaze iminsi ibiri bahugurwa muri gahunda ya “kora wigire” National employment program,  amahugurwa agamije kubongerera ubumenyi mu byo bakora, kugirango batazasubira inyuma.

Abitabiriye aya mahugurwa banitegura guterwa inkunga, bavuga ko bari basanzwe bakora utuntu ducirirtse bakadusuzugura, ariko muri aya mahugurwa ngo bungukiyemo ko gutera imbere bidasaba guhera kuri byinshi.

Niyonsaba Charlotte ukorera ubucuruzi bw’imbuto mu gasantire ka Karambi umurenge wa Kabagali, yavuze ko yungukiye byinshi muri aya mahugurwa, akizera ko agiye kuyasangiza abandi bakitinya mu gutangiza iminsinga, bityo bose bagatera imbere.

Naho Gatete Fabien ucuruza amagi mu gasantire ka Ntenyo mu murenge wa Byimana, avuga ko yajyaga yisuzugura ndetse akamva akazi kamuteye

ipfunwe, ariko ngo aya mahugurwa amwongereye icyizere cy’uko agomba gukomeza ibyo akara, ahubwo agashyiramo udushya twinshi.

Abazahabwa aya mafaranga nyuma y’aya mahugurwa, bizerako imishinga yabo bagiye kurushaho kuyiteza imbere.

Umuyobozi w’akarere ka Ruhango Mbabazi Francois Xavier, yasabye urubyiruko n’abagore bari muri aya mahugurwa yatangiye tariki ya 14/04/2015, ko bagomba gukomeza bakagera ku ntego bihaye, bakaba barwiyemeza mirimo bazagirira igihugu akamaro.


Bugesera: Urubyiruko rwahagurukiye kwihangira umurimo ngo kuko rwose rutabona akazi muri Leta

Yihangiye umurimo wo gukora imigati

Yihangiye umurimo wo gukora imigati

Rumwe mu rubyiruko rwo mu karere ka Bugesera ruvuga ko gahunda ya Leta yo gushishikariza abaturage kwihangira umurimo ari ingenzi cyane ko bose batabona akazi muri Leta.

Uyu akora inkweto mu mpu

Uyu akora inkweto mu mpu

Kimwe mu bihangayikishije ibihugu biri mu nizra y’amajyambere ndetse n’u Rwanda ni ikinyuranyo kiri hagati y’imirimo ihangwa buri mwaka n’abakeneye iyo mirimo. Mu bihugu bitandukanye umubare w’abashaka akazi ugenda wiyongera, ibyo bikagira ingaruka ku bukungu bw’ibihugu cyane cyane kubera umubare munini w’abashomeri.

Rangira Benjamin ni umwe mu rubyiruko rwo mu murenge wa Mayange rwitabiriye gahunda yo kwihangira umurimo, avuga ko yize umwuga wo kubaza.

Yagize ati “ narangije kwiga nsanga nta komeza gutega amaboko nshaka akazi ahandi, nibwo nahise mfata icyemezo cyo kwihangira umurimo ubu mbaza ibikoresho bitandukanye nkabigurisha maze nkabona amafaranga”.

Avuga ko ayo mafaranga amaze kubona yayaguzemo ikibanza ubu ateganya gushaka uburyo yacyubaka kandi abigeze kure kuko hari amafaranga yatangiye kwizigama.

Si uwo gusa kuko n’uwitwa Dushimimana Evode nawe avuga ko akora imigati akayigurisha bikamuha amafaranga, ngo ibyo yabigezeho nyuma yo gusanga atakomeza gutega amaboko leta ngo imuhe akazi.

Umwe mu rubyiruko wihangiye umurimo wo gusuka imisatsi abagore n’abakobwa

Umwe mu rubyiruko wihangiye umurimo wo gusuka imisatsi abagore n’abakobwa

Ni ubwo urwo rubyiruko rwahagurukiye gahunda yo kwihangira umurimo, ruratangaza ruhura n’imbogamizi zo kubura igishoro ndetse n’ibikoresho byo gutangiza.

“ imbogamizi duhura nazo nizo kubura amafaranga y’igishoro kuko tugerageza kugana amabanki maze akatwaka ingwate kandi twe ntacyo dufite ibyo bigatuma tutabasha kwiteza imbere”. Ni uwitwa Hakizimana Jean ubivuga.

Ngo rumwe mu rubyiruko rwihangiye umurimo ariko rutagize amahirwe yo kugera mu ishuri rwegera ikigega cyashyizweho cy’ingwate bikabagora kuko bitazi aho biva naho bigana.

Mukamana Angelique ati “ leta ikwiye gushyigikira amatsinda y’urubyiruko iyatera inkunga kugirango urubyiruko rubone igishore kuko kiriya kigega cyashyizweho usanga kihariwe n’abize gusa”.

Minisiteri ishinzwe umurimo igaragaza ko ku isoko ry’umurimo mu Rwanda buri mwaka haza urubyiruko rugera ku bihumbi 125 rukeneye akazi, rurimo abasore n’inkumi bageze ku myaka 18 yo gukora. Ariko ugasanga imirimo ihangwa buri mwaka iragera ku bihumbi 104 gusa.


Ngoma: Urubyiruko rurakangurirwa kwihangira imirimo no gukorana n’amabanki

Ngoma: Urubyiruko rurakangurirwa kwihangira imirimo no gukorana n’amabanki

Ubuyobozi bushinzwe urubyiruko mu karere ka Ngoma buratangazako bugiye gutangiza  ubukangurambaga  mu rubyiruko mu kwihangira imirimo no gukoresha  neza amahirwe rufite muri gahunda leta irushyiriraho  mu kurufasha kubona inguzanyo.

Mu karere ka Ngoma haracyagaragara urubyiruko rutari ruke ruvuga ko rukitinya mu gufata inguzanyo mu ma banki zo gukora imishinga ibasha ku bateza imbere,ruvuga ko rutinya igihombo cyabaviramo guteza ingwate  igihe babuze ubwishyu bw’inguzanyo za banki.

Muri kongere y’urubyiruko iherutse kuba mu mpera z’ukwezi gushize kwa Kane,uru rubyiruko rwakanguriwe kwihangira imirimo ndetse runerekwa amahirwe rufite arimo gahunda zarushyiriweho zirufasha gukangukira kwiteza imbere ndetse no kubona inguzanyo mu mabanki.

Zimwe muri izo gahunda hari gushyirirwaho ikigega (BDF)kibishingira mu mabanki 75% igihe bagiye kwaka inguzanyo ku mishinga ibyara inyungu,YEGO program ndetse na “Kura wigire” ihuza izo gahunda zishishikariza urubyiruko gukura amaboko mu mifuka rugakora.

Uwera Leontine,umwe mu bagize inama y’igihugu ku rwego rw’igihugu,ushinzwe itangazamakuru n’ubutwererane,ubwo yasuraga uru rubyiruko rwo mu karere ka Ngoma,muri kongere rwari rwagize kuri uyu wa 30/04/2015,yatunguwe no kubona mu barengaga 100 bari bitabiriye iyi kongere bahagarariye abandi harabonetse abantu babili gusa babashije kwihangira umushinga.

Kubwe ngo abona kutitabira gukoresha amahirwe rufite babiterwa n’ubunebwe ndetse no gushaka gusindagizwa.

Yagize ati”Sinzi ikibazo kiri mu rubyiruko rw’iki gihe,niba ari ubunebwe cyangwa kutagira amakuru.nkubu wumvise ko nababazaga nti Yego program murayize bati oya,kandi ni gahunda imaze imyaka hafi itanu itangiye ariko ukabona we ntafite ikintu cy’ubushake.Bagira ikintu cy’ubunebwe. Tuzakomeza kubakangurira kwiteza imbere.”

Byukusenge Placide ahagarariye urubyiruko mu murenge wa Mugesera avuga ko ikibazo urubyiruko rufite gituma batitabira guhanga imirimo bifashishije inguzanyo za banki,akenshi babiterwa no kwitinya mu gufata inguzanyo.

Yagize ati”Ikibazo usanga urubyiruko rugitinya gufata inguzanyo,aho usanga batinya ko igihe bakora imishinga bagahomba byabagiraho ingaruka zo guteza ibyabo ngo banki zishyurwe. Gusa hari nababa badafite n’iriya ngwate ya 25% kubera ababyeyi babo babyanze.”

Umukozi ushinzwe urubyiruko,umuco na sport mu karere ka ngoma,Rutagengwa Jean Bosco,avuga ko uku kwitinya  gufitanye isano n’amakuru make urubyiruko rufite kubijyanye no kwihangira imirimo ndetse n’amahirwe ruhabwa na leta yo kubafasha kwiteza imbere binyuze muri progam leta ishyiraho.

Mu gukemura iki kibazo Rutagengwa avuga ko mu kwezi k’urubyiruko kwatangiye muri uku kwa Gatanu/2015 urubyiruko ruzakangurirwa  kubyaza umusaruro amahirwe rufite yo kwiteza imbere.

Urubyiruko rwakunze kugaragaza imbogamizi mu kwiteza imbere ruvuga ko rubura inguzanyo mu mbanki kubera kutagira ingwate.Mugukemura iki kibazo leta yashyizeho ikigega BDF kishingira75 y’ingwate ku  mishinga myiza ibyara inyungu y’urubyiruko n’bagore.

Ngoma: Hanga umurimo yamugejeje ku uruganda

Bizimana Jean Bosco,nyuma yo kurangiza kaminuza mu ishuri rikuru ry’ubuhinzi n’ikoranabuhanga rya Kibungo “INATEK” ntiyahise abona akazi ariko ahereye ku bushakashatsi yakoze mu gitabo yanditse(Memoire) abasha gukora umushinga ahabwa miliyoni 27 muri gahunda ya “Hangumurimo”.

Ngoma: Hanga umurimo yamugejeje ku uruganda

Muri 2012 , amaze kubona ayo mafaranga yahise ashinga uruganda”PANOVITA”rukora kawunga n’uruvange rw’ifu yihariye ifasha abana mu mirire aho kugera ubu yabashije guha akazi abantu 28 barimo abakozi 14 bahoraho barimo n’abo biganaga muri kaminuza.

Ngoma: Hanga umurimo yamugejeje ku uruganda

Bizimana asanga kwihangira umurimo ari byiza kuko bifasha n’abandi kuba babona imirimo kandi nawe akiteza imbere vuba. Uruganda rwe rutunganya toni eshanu z’ifu  mu cyumweru.

Agira inama abarangiza kwiga kaminuza igihe bakora ubushakashatsi busoza amashuri yabo kudahitamo ibiboroheye gusa ahubwo bakihatira gukora ubushakashatsi mu byabafasha mu buzima bwo hanze nkuko nawe  ubushakashatsi yakoze bwamufashije kwihangira umurimo.

Yagize ati” Abanyeshuri benshi iyo barangiza kaminuza bihitiramo gukora ubushakashatsi ku biboroheye nyamara bitabagirira akamaro hanze aho bagiye. Gukora formule y’ iyi fu byarangoye birandushya ariko byaramfashije kuko ariyo nahereyeho nkora umushinga wanjye kandi wakiriwe neza cyane.’

Nyuma y’imyaka itatu rutangiye,”PANOVITA” rubasha guhemba abakozi 28 rufite ndetse na nyirarwo ,ngo akabasha kwihemba agera ku bihumbi 300 buri kwezi kandi yabashije no kwishyura inguzanyo y’amafaranga ibihumbi 800 Frs buri kwezi.

Kwihangira umurimo ngo si ikintu cyoroshye,nkuko Bizimana abivuga, kuko bisaba kwihangana igihe bigeze ahabi cyane cyane iyo ugitangira kuko uhura n’ibiguca integer byinshi,ariko wakihangana ukavunika bikakugeza aho wifuza.

Bizimana Evariste,ushinzwe kwakira amafaranga,muri uru ruganda avuga ko nyuma y’ubushomeri arangije kaminuza ubu abasha kwiteza imbere abikesha aka kazi yahawe.

Yagize ati”Maze kubona akazi,ubu natangiye gushaka uwo twarushinga kandi nzabigeraho mbikesheje aka kazi.Hari n’indi mishinga myinshi nzageraho bitewe nuko ubu nanjye mbasha kugira icyo ninjiza buri kwezi. Nanabashije kurihira barumuna banjye batatu amashuri.”

Umukozi wari ushinzwe Hangumurimo (gahunda ifasha abafite imishinga myiza badafite igishoro kubona inguzanyo mu mabanki bishingiwe n’ikigega”BDF”kibatangira ingwate kuri 75%  by’inguzanyo batse) mu karere ka Ngoma,Hakubwimana Gedeo,avuga ko abantu barindwi aribo bari bamaze kubona inguzanyo muri Hangumurimo kugera mu mwaka ushize wa 2014.

Yaba uyu mukozi wa Hangumurimo ndetse n’abahawe inguzanyo muri uyu mushinga bahamya ko imbogamizi zigihari zishingiye ku kuba banki zihita zitangira kwishyuza mu kwezi kwa mbere mugihe uwahawe amafaranga aba akigura ibikoresho atara tangira gukora ngo yunguke yishyure.


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