Taxpayers cautioned on manipulating EBMs

A trader pulls a receipt out of an electronic billing machine.

A trader pulls a receipt out of an electronic billing machine.

Rwanda Revenue Authority-RRA has warned businesses to desist from hiding electronic Billing Machines-EBMs so that consumers may not ask for invoices which helps traders to evade value Added Tax-VAT.

Emmy Mbera, coordinator of EBMs at the tax body says that after intensifying efforts to ensure VAT registered tax payers use the machines and consumers at demand for invoices, traders hide the machines.

“When a consumer demands for an electronic invoice, they tell you they don’t have an EBM, then they give you a manual receipt,” he said on Wednesday in Nyagatare district in Eastern Province.

Other traders, Mbera says that they tend undervalue the prices of goods that are going to be printed on the invoice which means that the traders is likely to declare less VAT.

“The resistance against EBM still remains because businesses do not want to report to the tax administration their cash flows,” he added.

The government introduced Electronic Billing Machines in 2013 in an effort to curb down tax evasion mainly of value added tax which saw an increase of 6.5 percent in its collection.

“It’s not that we don’t want to use EBMs but most of the times they break down and you have to take them for repair or at times you don’t have airtime in it,” said James Mugabo, a trader in Nyagatare town.

The government has plans of distributing EBMs at a government rate which is down than the current market price that ranges between Rwf 300,000 to Rwf 450,000.

Accordingly, VAT registered tax payers who are not using the machines are charged Rwf 20 million for businesses with a turnover of Rwf 400 million and Rwf 500,000 with a turnover below.

ICT sector targets 100 companies

ICT Professionals at K LAB

In a bid to position Rwanda as an Information Communication Technology (ICT) hub in the region, the country’s ICT private sector chamber is set to set up 100 technology companies to boost tech sector.

The ICT firms each valued at over 50 million U.S dollars will lay a strong foundation for the growth of technology industry in the small Central African country.

Speaking during ICT sector review meeting, Yamanaka Atsushi, executive advisor Rwanda ICT chamber said that the aim is to enhance digital literacy in the country and as well as create jobs.

“Our focus is to advance the technology industry and position Rwanda as a regional ICT hub with lasting social and economic positive changes on Rwandan citizens,” he noted.

According to the chamber, the companies will create high skilled jobs for young ICT enthusiasts and brand Rwanda’s ICT sector for foreign direct Investments and exports.

Rwandan ICT companies have the potential to be at the center stage of regional and global players in terms digital development.

In February this year, Rwanda entered an agreement with Israel that will both countries work together to create solutions to be used across the globe

In 2013, Rwanda and ITU co-hosted the Transform Africa Summit, which saw the birth of Smart Africa Alliance, a platform that is quickly shaping the future of ICT adoption on the continent.

The government plans to establish an ICT park that will be a base

of technological investments, including training, industries, research and development.

Last year Rwanda rolled out 4th Generation Long-Term Evolution (4GLTE) internet network offering the fastest wireless broadband on high-speed data for mobile phones and devices such as modems and routers.

The government targets to have 95 per cent of Rwandans connected to internet by 2017.Rwanda has been ranked among top ten countries in Africa that are most dynamic performers when it comes to Information Communication Technology (ICT) development

China Geo-Engineering Corporation extend activities to Rwanda

Rwanda’s progressive effort into serious investment continues to attract World class corporations that a China based Construction Company “China Geo-Engineering Corporation has aided the country in its Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes.

A distant overview of the Musanze Polytechnic compaund in Northern Rwanda

A distant overview of the Musanze Polytechnic compaund in Northern Rwanda

The China Geo-Engineering Corporation that is one of the most famous World’s Construction Engineering companies has helped Rwanda to build and facilitate Musanze Polytechnic School; the school is already running with enough equipment and well trained staff to enable proper knowledge and skills development among Rwandan Youths.

The school has confirmed it has enough and quality study facilities and modern equipment (Machinery) for proper training leading to skills’ development and further employment opportunities to most Rwandan youth.

Residents neighboring the Musanze Polytechnic pointed out that the school presence has uplifted their wellbeing, increased the employment rate, more value to their habitats and has awakened Rwanda government to bring them more social services such as electricity, water, roads, health centres and other academic institutes closer.

 According to the Acting Principal of Musanze Polytechnic, Eng. Emile Abayisenga; other vocational schools put in place before Musanze Polytechnic have provided remarkable skills and the alumni are already working in various government and private institutes.

The newly set up Polytechnic is going to emulate such high standard trainings. “The Polytechnic will offer better professional skills as it is equipped with efficient machinery and competent staff” Said Eng. Emile .

Practical studies are equipped with modern machinery for proper skills

Practical studies are equipped with modern machinery for proper skills.

Musanze Polytechnic Construction was a China-aided project of about 11 million US dollars; and more than 386 students had already been admitted just at its commencement about two months ago; Monday March 30th 2015 in Barizo village, Musanze District-Northern Province of Rwanda.  The school will be providing a three year study Advanced Diploma and a two year study Diploma.

One of the Musanze Polytechnic departments

One of the Musanze Polytechnic departments

The School’s management says there are enough materials for the vocational training but worry of inadequate equipment for agriculture and drainage services but anticipate; such obstacles will also be combated soon.

Students at Musanze Polytechnic confess, the school has efficient equipment and offers satisfactory service.

Students at Musanze Polytechnic confess, the school has efficient equipment and offers satisfactory service.

The China Geo Engineering Corporation spent a period of two years in the construction of Musanze Polytechnic School; the project cost was $12Million (about Rwf 840.) The funding of the construction project was from Chinese Government through its renowned programme “China Aid Rwanda TVET”

The Musanze Polytechnic Modern structures constructed under the supervision of Chinese Engineers are used to train different courses including Agriculture (Crop production, Food processing, Irrigation), Hospitality and Hotel management (Culinary Art, Food and beverages, Housekeeping, Front office) and Engineering (Construction, Electrical).

Rwanda’s ICT advances in Public, private sectors

Rwanda’s ICT advances in Public, private sectors

Rwanda Information and Communication Technology Association (RICTA) is set to equip personnel from   both public and private sectors; that will ensure the country becomes the region’s ICT hub.

The training  that  will focus on the fields  of  routing/networking and Linux  system  administration, comes as a  vital  asset as the  government  and  most private  entities  are  providing their  services  online.

“As Rwanda develops her regional infrastructure, it has becomes more important to be able to build and sustain the country’s capacities for Rwanda to achieve her goal to be an ICT hub,” said

Accordingly, Industry experts will be participating in conference sessions from thought-provoking and visionary keynote presentations to interactive panel sessions, all addressing the most pressing topics.

She says, “The training  focuses  on popular and emerging ICT Industries while also  looking at   addressing  both the  current and  future  needs of  operators  in the ICT  sector adding  that, “We thought it based to equip more technicians in all sectors with informative and practical training.”

The training dubbed Rwanda Network Operators Group (RwandaNOG) mainly   features discussions and trainings on a wide range of issues of the Internet which among other things include the current and newest trends in ICT.

Moreover, the  Minister of youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana  earlier this year said  the building  of  the infrastructures  had yielded  success and  noted that  to achieve the  ambitious  target of the technology lead economy, there is need to  increase   digital literacy.

As a result, the government has moved in to sign several partnerships with international corporations such as Oracle, Microsoft to help boost digital literacy. The country’s digital literacy still staggers at 3 percent.

ICT vital in boosting trade growth – Minister Kanimba

ICT vital in boosting trade growth - Minister Kanimba

Francois Kanimba

Rwanda Minister for Trade and Industry Francois Kanimba has said, application of technology is likely to bolster the country’s trade growth thus enabling the economy transform to middle income by 2020.

Through easing doing businesses through cutting down costs, red tape procedures, as well as reduction in time wastage, Kanimba believes that more businesses would rise  which will thus   facilitate  trade growth.

“Access to capital for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), for instance, has increased through a common credit tracking system,” Minister Kanimba noted

The government embarked on strengthening technology to help boost its use as result speed up processes and make them more transparent, something seen to bolster the buoyant economy that grew.

Some reforms, the Minister says that have already been put in place andwould register positive impact towards trade growth include on line business registration that helps  one to register business in  only  six hours.

Moreover, the recent  move  by Rwanda Revenue Authority-RRA  to  help  SMEs  to  pay  taxes  using their mobile phones is another step to  boost  trade.

Land registration has also been computerized and linked with the business registration, which has been useful for businesses when they apply for loans, The Minister noted

Through this, the  government looks  at  easing  doing business to attract more investors while also  boosting the Small and Medium Enterprises-SMEs  to help in  job creation as well as  reducing  imported products  and  increasing export base.

The country is currently struggling to   close the widening trade deficit   that stands at 7.5 percentages.

There is optimism, experts say that the application of technology by businesses, efforts to boost export base would help the country to balance its   trade receipts.

“By Large, when businesses adopt technology which is of course at their level in terms of capacity, it is promoting efficiency and profitability,” said  Davis Mukiza, a business Consultant.

Moreover, with the application of   technology, experts assert that challenges such as lack of access to   market information, transaction costs, and lack of skills would be addressed to pave way for trade growth.

Rusizi: Abacuruzi bamaze gusobanukirwa n’akamaro ka EBM.

Abacuruzi bamaze gusobanukirwa n’akamaro ka EBM

Mbere, uburyo bw’ikoranabuhanga bwa EBM (Electronic Billing Machine) bugitangira bwabanje kugorana kubwumvisha abacuruzi bari bamenyereye gukora imenyekanishamusoro mu buryo bwa gakondo bwo kwandika mu bitabo byabugenewe( Facturiers), ubu bamwe mu bacuruzi bo mu mujyi wa  Rusizi baravuga ko gukoresha izi mashini zitanga inyemezabwishyu (EBM)  byabafashije koroshya ubucuruzi bwabo, gutanga servisi nziza ku bakiliya ndetse no mu kumenya uko ubucuruzi bwagenze umunsi k’umunsi.

Ubu buryo bugiye kumara umwaka bukoreshwa  n’abacuruzi, bukaba bwaraje  busimbura ubwari busanzweho bwo kwandika mu bitabo byakoreshwaga mu bucuruzi, nk’uko bivugwa na bamwe mu bacuruzi bo mu mujyi wa Rusizi, ngo uretse no kuba bwari uburyo butakigezweho, kubukoresha ngo byanatinzaga kumenyekanisha uko ubucuruzi bwabo bwagenze mu kigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe imisoro n’amahoro(RRA) ndetse ngo bikanica servisi ku bakiliya nk’uko Kigali today  yabitangarijwe  na Habyarimana Gilbert,umwe mu bacuruzi bo mu mujyi wa Rusizi watangiye gukoresha ubu bubryo bushya bwa EBM bugitangira.

Habyarimana Gilbert avuga ko uburyo bwa EBM nubwo bwabanje gusa n’ubutumvikana neza mu bacuruzi bamwe bibwiraga ko hari nk’ibyo bakoraga mu ibanga byari kuba bigiye kumenyekana bigatuma bazajya basoreshwa amafaranga menshi arenze ayo bajyaga batanga, ngo ababutangiye mbere barabukunze cyane, kuko bitakirirwa bibasaba guterura ibitabo( facturiers) babijyana ku kigo cy’igihugu cy’imisoro n’amahoro (Rwanda Revenue Authority) kubitezamo amakashe, ubu bikaba byoroshye gukora akazi nta kwibeshya cyangwa kwirirwa umucuruzi ata umwanya yirukankana ibitabo ngo abijyanye kuri RRA,kuko ubu biba bikoze neza, ubu abacuruzi benshi mu mujyi wa Rusizi bakaba batagishidikanya ku kamaro gakomeye k’izi mashini.

Ukuriye Ikigo cy’igihugu cy’imisoro n’amahoro mu ntara y’uburengerazuba  Rwiririza Gashango avuga ko ikoreshwa ry’izi mashini ryagize akamaro gakomeye cyane kuko ryazamuye imisoro,bikaba byaranakemuye ikibazo cyagaragaraga buri gihe cyo’abasora benshi bakoraga inyemezabuguzi zose ntibazimenyekanishe,ibi EBM ikaba yarabikemuye kubera ko inyemezabuguzi ikorewe muri EBM imenyekana mu kigo cy’igihugu cy’imisoro n’amahoro, bigafasha no kongera imisoro muri iki kigo, kuko biba bitacyoroshye kuyinyereza, agakangurira n’abatarumva neza ibyiza byo gukoresha izi mashini kuzikoresha kuko zifite ibyiza byinshi.

Ikoreshwa ry’izi mashini z’ikoranabuhanga mu gutanga inyemezabuguzi ryashyizweho n’iteka rya minisitiri ryo mu mwaka wa 2013, rikaba ryarateganyaga ko abacuruzi bose banditse muri TVA bagomba kuba bakoresha izo mashini bitarenze tariki ya 31/3/2014.

Ibigo biteza imbere ubucuruzi bya BDC byeguriwe BDF

BDC zacungwaga na rwiyemezamirimo zeguriwe BDF, ngo bizatuma serivise zatangirwaga muri ibyo bigo zigiye kurushaho kunoga.

BDC zacungwaga na rwiyemezamirimo zeguriwe BDF, ngo bizatuma serivise zatangirwaga muri ibyo bigo zigiye kurushaho kunoga.

Ikigo cy’u Rwanda gishinzwe iterambere RDB cyongeye gusubirana imicungire y’ibigo byashyiriweho kugira inama abaturage mu by’ubucuruzi BDC kubera ko ba rwiyemezamirimo babicungaga bananiwe, ubu RDb ikaba yabishyize mu maboko ya BDF kandi ngo “bizatuma serivise zatangirwaga muri ibyo bigo zigiye kurushaho kunoga.”

Ibi biratangazwa n’Uwamahoro Adnan Saligo ushinzwe gukurikirana ibigo bya BDC, Business Development Center muri RDB, Rwanda Development Board ubuga ko serivisi zatangwaga na BDC zigiye kurushaho kunozwa nyuma yo kwegurirwa ikigo BDF, Business Development Fund.

BDC zari zashyiriweho kuba ibigo bigira inama abaturage ku mishinga ibateza imbere mu mwaka wa 2010 muri gahunda ya leta y’u Rwanda yo kwegereza abaturage serivisi zishingiye ku iterambere ry’ubucuruzi, zahawe inshingano zo kubafasha kwiga no kunonosora imishinga y’iterambere. Benshi mu batuye aho izi BDC zashyizwe, imwe imwe muri buri karere, bazizi nk’ibigo cyane cyane byabegereje ikoranabuhanga rya interineti na mudasobwa.

Nyuma RDB yaje kuzegurira ba rwiyemezamirimo batandukanye, ariko ngo kuva icyo gihe zatangiye gutanga serivisi nabi, abaturage ntibaba bakinona na interineti kuko ariyo bahashakaga cyane, dore ko ubujyanama mu ishoramari bwo ahenshi batigeze babuhabwa.

Abatuye muri senteri ya Ruhuha bavuga ko kuva BDC yegurirwa rwiyemezamirimo no kubona interineti byabaye ikibazo muri iyo nzu [BDC] kuko yayikuyemo akaba yarayikuyemo nyuma yo kuyegurirwa.

Tegereza Jacques utuye ahitwa ku Ruhuha mu karere ka Bugesera ati “Rwose kubura interineti hafi y’iwacu biratubangamiye pe. Nkatwe nkatwe turi abanyeshuri muri kaminuza. Twiga mu mpera z’icyumweru, weekend. Gusa biratugora gukora ubushakashatsi ndetse no kwiyungura mu masomo yacu kuko nta interineti dufite hano iwacu aho tumara icyumweru cyose. BDC ntabwo tubona icyo itumariye kuko n’iyo serivisi rukumbi tutakiyihabona.”

Ibikoresho biri mu nzu imbere

Ibikoresho biri mu nzu imbere

Bamwe mu batuye mu byaro bakora urugendo rurerure ngo bagere aho babona interineti kuko nk’aho ku Ruhuha bagenda ibirometero birenga 40 bajya i Nyamata cyangwa i Kigali aho babona interineti.

BDF irazana impinduka

Uwamahoro Saligo ushinzwe BDC muri RDB aravuga ko kuba BDF yahawe imicungire y’izi BDC ngo bizazana impinduka ku baturage. Ngo bizatuma serivise zatangirwaga muri ibyo bigo zigiye kurushaho kunoga.

Aragira ati “Kuba BDF ari ikigo cyizobereye mu guteza imbere ishoramari n’ubucuruzi biratanga icyizere ko serivise abaturage bashakaga muri izo nzu zizagenda neza kuko tuzi ko inyinshi bashakaga muri izo nzu batazibonaga uko babyifuza.”

Yemeza ko ubundi zari zareguriwe ba rwiyemezamirimo ariko ntibakore neza akaba ariyo mpamvu bazatswe ubu bakaba bazeguriye ikigo BDF.

Uwitwa Mugabo Leopord nawe yavuze ko kuba nta na interineti yabaga muri BDC byatumaga batabasha no kumenya amakuru y’ibikorerwa ahandi n’ibyo abandi bagezeho kandi ari nkayo serivisi rukumbi n’ubundi batangaga.

RDB iravuga ko ukwezi kwa Kamena kwarangiye habaye ihererekanya bubasha hagati y’abasanganywe imicungire ya BDC na BDF, ngo ukwezi kwa Nyakanga kuzarangira hamaze gushyirwamo ibikoresho n’abakozi, ubundi nibirangira ibigo byogere gukora neza.

Mugabo Leopord ati “Wenda niba zatswe ba rwiyemezamirimo twagira icyizere ko tuzongera byibura kubona interineti hafi.”

Ibigo bya BDC ni 30 mu Rwanda hose, ikigo kimwe kimwe muri buri karere. Urubyiruko, cyane cyane urw’abanyeshuri, nirwo rukunze kugana ibyo bigo kuko arirwo rukoresha interineti mu byaro. Abatari muri icyo cyiciro ntibarabona akamaro k’ibyo bigo kuko serivisi bitanga zitarategurwa ku buryo nabo zibageraho.

abasora baba muri TVA batazifashisha imashini zitanga fagitire mu buryo bw’ikoranabuhanga bazabihanirwa

m_abasora baba muri TVA batazifashisha imashini zitanga fagitire mu buryo bw’ikoranabuhanga bazabihanirwa

Nyuma y’igihe kitari gitoya abacuruzi batanga umusoro ku nyongeragaciro (TVA / VAT) bashishikarizwa kwifashisha imashini zitanga inyemezabwishyu (fagitire) mu buryo bw’ikoranabuhanga, noneho ngo abazageza ku itariki ya 1/4/2014 bataratangira kuzifashisha bazabihanirwa.

Jean Marie Vianney Gakwerere ushinzwe amahugurwa mu kigo cy’imisoro n’amahoro (RRA), avuga ko ibi bihano ari amande y’amafaranga hagati ya miliyoni 20 na miliyoni imwe, bitewe n’ibyiciro by’abasora.

Uyu mukozi wa RRA kandi avuga ko kugeza ubu abasora bamaze kugura izi mashini bakiri bakeya. Agira ati « mu cyumweru gishize twari tugeze hafi 40% y’abafite izi mashini, ariko kampani zizicuruza zigaragaza ko hari abaziguze batarazishyira ku murongo wa internet ngo zibashe gukorana n’ikoranabuhanga rya RRA. »

Ariko na none, ngo afite icyizere cy’uko ukwezi kuzashira abagomba kwifashisha izi mashini baraziguze. Ati « Urebye ingufu twashyize mu gusobanura iby’izi mashini, dufite icyizere ko muri iki cyumweru dusigaranye kiri imbere bose bazaba bari ku murongo, noneho hakaboneka umubare w’abahanwa bakeya. Ariko icyo twifuza ni uko ibihano bitazabaho  … »

Imashini zizagira akamaro ku bacuruzi no kuri RRA

Ngo nubwo hari abatekereza ko izi mashini ari izo gutuma RRA ibasha kugenzura imisoro ku buryo bworoshye, Gakwerere avuga ko ahubwo zizafasha abacuruzi cyane. Ati « zije gukuraho bya bitabo by’abacuruzi byangirikaga gukora ibaruramari bikagorana, kuko ibyabikwaga mu bitabo bizaba bibitse mu ikoranabuhanga rya RRA bityo na nyirabyo akaba yabasha kubibona igihe icyo ari cyo cyose »

Rero, ngo inzu ya rwiyemezamirimo yashya, cyangwa imashini yapfa, ibyayanditseho ntibizigera bibura kuko bizaba bibitse mu buryo bw’ikoranabuhanga.

Ngo uretse kubika ku buryo burambye kontabilite z’abacuruzi, izi mashini zizatuma byorohera RRA gusubiza umucuruzi umusoro ku nyongeragaciro y’ikirenga aba yatanze (refund), ….

Abasora b’i Huye bafite bo bafite impungenge z’uko batazabasha gukoresha izi mashini neza mu ntangiriro, bikaba bishobora kuzabaviramo gucibwa amande. Ariko ngo igihe bazaba bamaze kubimenya neza, nta kabuza zizatuma batongera gutakaza amafaranga menshi barihaga abakontabure igihe baje  kubabarira imitungo kugira ngo bamenye amafaranga bagomba gusora.

Uwitwa Celestin Munyaneza ati « Niba koko kariya kamashini bazakatwigisha tukamenya uburyo kazajya kaduha ibintu twacuruje ku munsi cyangwa ku kwezi, kwikorera kontabilite nawe ubwawe wabishobora, ukamenya ayo usora, ukamenya n’ayo usigarana. »

Izi mashini ngo zikiza zaguraga ibihumbi 500 imwe, ariko kuri ubu ziri gutangirwa ibihumbi 350, kandi ngo abazicuruza bashobora no kongera kugabanya igiciro igihe bazaba babonye abitabira kuzigura benshi.

Rubavu : abacuruzi barashishikarizwa gukoresha EBM mu gutanga inyemezabuguzi

abacuruzi barashishikarizwa

Abashinzwe gukwirakwiza imashini zitanga inyemezabuguzi zizwi ku mazina ya Electronic Billing Machine zikoresha n’ikoranabuhanga barahamagarira abacuruzi bo mu karere ka Rubavu kujya batanga inyemezabuguzi kubagurira nubwo benshi bavuga ko batarasobanukirwa n’imikoreshereze yazo.

abikorera ku giti cyabo mu karere ka Rubavu hamwe n’abacuruzi berekwa izi mashine n’imikorere yazo bavuga ko batari basobanukiwe uburyo zikora n’akamaro kazo ariko ngo nyuma yo guhabwa ubumenyi basanze zishobora kuborohereza kugenzura uko ubucuruzi bwabo bugenda.

Abafite restaurents mu karere ka Rubavu bavuga ko kugenzura ibyo basohoye n’ibyo binjiza bibagora byakubitiraho kujya gukora imenyekanisha misoro ku kigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe imisoro bikabananira, bavuga ko bakurikije imikorere ya EMB akazi kagiye koroha kandi bamenye niba imikorere yabo igenda neza.

Murihano Innocent umukozi ushinzwe ibijyanye n’ubucuruzi mu kigo gikwirakwiza imashini zitanga inyemezabuguzi avuga ko atari kubacuruzi n’abakiriya bazoroherwa, ahubwo ngo bizorohera ikigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe imisoro.

Igihe cyose hagikoreshwa impapuro, abakozi b’ikigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe imisoro bakunze guhura n’imbogamizi z’ibura ry’impapuro z’inyemezabuguzi ndetse bamwe bakazibika nabi ariko EBM yo ikigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe imisoro kizajya kireba muri kariya kamashine bahite babona uko ubucuruzi buhagaze kandi n’umucuruzi kamworohereza kwigenzura.

Nyuma yo gusobanura akamaro ka EBM no kuzerekana ku bacuruzi ngo barashishikarizwa kuzikoresha kugera mu bakorera mu mirenge batanga umusoro ku nyongeragaciro.


Rwanda : Kagame sets Q&A session with Rwandan Youth on entrepreneurship

Kagame sets Q&A session with Rwandan Youth on entrepreneurship

President Paul Kagame will on Friday meet with over 2,000 students hailing from universities across the country to answer their questions and impart knowledge to the youngsters, as the future leaders of the country.

Announced via the President’s official Facebook page and on Twitter at #MeethePresident, the event will also be carried live by Rwanda Television and Radio Rwanda.

Students and people from all walks of life are invited to post their questions to the President on the Facebook and Twitter feeds by tomorrow (Thursday), with a chance that the best questions will be answered by President Kagame live.

The Q&A session will be held under the theme: “Building a Legacy of Self Reliance” as President Kagame continues to champion and push forward the idea of Self-Reliance and the end of Africa dependence on foreign aid.

This is evidenced by the recently launched Agaciro Development Fund, a brainchild of the President, which is aimed at collecting funds from Rwandans and for Rwandans, since these funds will be used to further national development through construction of roads, hospitals and other necessary infrastructure.

But more than just money, the Fund also aims at fostering the belief in Rwandans themselves that they have the ability and should take control of their destiny instead of waiting on foreign aid, which almost always comes with ‘strings attached’.

President Kagame also let the world know just what he thinks of the bully-like tendencies of foreign donor governments in an hour-long candid and heartfelt speech about ‘international justice’ being used as a tool to further western countries’ political agendas, and to hound third world leaders into being subservient.


Images of Jeannette Kagame

Jeannette Kagame


Photos of Jeannette Kagame

Jeannette Kagame



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