Rwanda : Inyange 250litre Milk Tetra pack now available

Inyange 250litre Milk Tetra pack now available

Rwanda’s premier Food & Beverage Company, Inyange Industries, has officially launched the Tetrafino UHT Whole Milk 250ML pack at the ongoing Rwanda International Trade fair at Gikondo.

The launch comes two months after, Inyange Industries introduced the eco-friendly UHT Whole Milk Tetra Fino 500ml pack (350 RWF) to retailers nationwide. By the end of May, the UHT Low Fat Milk Tetra Fino 500ml pack (350 RWF) was on the shelves as well.

For only 150Rwf, hundreds of residents flocked the Inyange Industries stand at the trade fair, and also purchased other Inyange products at promotional prices.

The Tetra Fino milk packs provide a wide range of advantages for its consumers and milk consumers said that the introduction of the new UHT pack makes life more convenient, and its portability will encourage residents to consume milk at anytime and make life easier.

“The pack is decent and portable. Normally if I wanted milk it would be served in a glass and I would be forced to sit and spend five minutes, but with this is smaller pack one can quench their thirst for milk  and save time” One Milk lover, Josiane Mukandamage intimated adding that packed milk helps her to deal with the problem of ulcers with convenience”

The Inyange Industries General Manager, Mr. Senganda Sudadi Kayitana, stated that the company is now focusing at expansion in the regional markets and the need for high standards of packing will enable Inyange Industries to compete favorably.

The CEO of the Private Sector, Mr. Hannington Namara said that the growth and expansion of Inyange Industries is an achievement and sign for the future of the private sector becoming more professional and completive in the regional and local markets.

“We (PSF) would love to see other companies emulate the example of Inyange industries because there is need for local enterprise to adopt high standards of operations so as to compete effectively, within and through the region. This creates more jobs and revenue for the country and I advice that they meet the demands of the market so as to have an impact on the markets ” Namara said.

The Inyange industries, whose products include milk and milk bi-products, fruit juices and mineral water, have already been able to extend its products to markets in Burundi, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda, where it has already established distribution agents.

Inyange industries, has started negotiating deals that will see it export its product distribution to the South Sudan and Tanzania markets and recently represented Rwanda in the Western African Trade fairs.

Rwanda produces over 450 million litres of milk annually with 70 per cent of it going through unprocessed channels. This means that the country needs to step up efforts to enhance gains registered in dairy farming so as to boost the country’s fragile export sector.




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