Rwanda : PSF to fund technical projects in Rutsiro District

PSF to fund technical

The Private Sector federation in the Western Province of Rwanda announced officially the competition for technical projects and those that will be chosen will be supported. 

The best projects will be selected depending on the ideas in the projects, on new aspects, market availability of the project, and the financial situations of the owners of the project.

Among these projects include mechanics, carpentry, painting, tailoring, electricity, construction, hair cutting, art and crafts and many other technical knowhow projects.

People to participate in these projects were given forms to fill and these will contribute in their winning of this competition as 15 projects will be selected in every district in the province to be supported.

These projects will be selected on the provincial level on the 26th and 27th.Sept.2012 by Private Sector federation which will fund these technical projects.


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