Rwanda : Muhanga residents called to be innovative

Muhanga residents called to be innovativeMuhanga district residents have been called the business sector to become innovative and use their talents to create a knowledge-based economy.

The call was made by the district vice mayor, François Uhagaze, during the launch of an event of business plan competitions- where many business proposals were submitted. The event took place on September 20, in Muhanga district.

The Vice Mayor stated that investing in knowledge based businesses is the modern trend of doing business.

“Doing business that is based on knowledge is long lasting and provides space for expansion and creativity be it on short or long term basis,” advised the Vice Mayor.

Silas Habimana, Muhanga district Private Sector Federation requested business people to strive towards professionalism in their work and always seek the financial institutional support to fund their projects.

Business Plan Competitions (BPC), are currently being conducted at district levels. It is through this competition, that more young and innovative ideas will be rewarded and supported to implement their project ideas.

The BPC project is run by the private sector federation and sponsored by National Bank of Rwanda and the Dutch Embassy in Rwanda, through the Promotion of Skills Development project (PROSKID). The outstanding projects will be selected and funded at each level.





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