Rwanda | Giheke residents contribute to Agaciro

Giheke  residents

The private sector federation in Giheke sector, Rusizi district has joined the rest of the nation to contribute to the Agaciro development fund, with over Rwf9.1million collected at the launch event.

The launch was held on September 25, 2012, as a sign of contribution to the national development projects, which they say are very beneficial to the community and anticipate that the funds would be vital in propelling the initiative.

The Agaciro development fund was launched in August 2012, by President Paul Kagame. The fund is intended to respond to crucial national development projects and also reduce donor dependence. The fund has so far hit above a Rwf17billions in a range of only two months.

The event attracted a big number of business men and women, who stated that they feel obliged to join the national initiative as a way of restoring national pride and also play a significant role in the community development.

Giheke sector leader, Jean Marie Leonard Murenzi said that the participation of the community was overwhelming and the funds would be significant to the country’s development prospects including their community.

Murenzi encouraged local leaders and residents to continue sending in their contributions and encourage others to join their footsteps in building their own country.

The funds collected under the Agaciro development fund initiative, are controlled by the Ministry of Finance (Minecofin)- which is responsible for accountability and making public the progress of the fund, and how the money would be used.

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