Rwanda | Nyamasheke: “Agaciro kanjye” program to support youth development

“Agaciro kanjye”

On October 1st 2012, Agaciro kanjye program was officially started in Kagano sector in Nyamasheke district.

The event was aimed at sensitizing local leadership and parents to help youth establish developmental activities.

Talking to the local leaders of this sector, Catherine Gatete; vice mayor for social affairs said that the government program aims at supporting youth in setting up income generating small projects.

In this program, each village is supposed to contribute for one vulnerable youth who is willing to work and develop.

In addition, every cell has to set up an exemplary youth cooperative with all the requirements. It is hoped that cooperatives will gather youth and they work hard towards social development.

Jean de Dieu Tuyishime, coordinator of the National Youth Council in Nyamasheke district called local leaders to encourage and support youth in the government programs designed to help them fight poverty.

Tuyishime asked youth to commit to working hard and relieve their parents from providing for them.

However, participants say that more sensitization should be made to make all residents understand agaciro kanjye program and own it. They add that carefulness is needed while choosing who to contribute for, so that the right person in the village is given support.

It is said that agaciro kanjye program will promote job creation and prevent youth from doing drugs or engaging in sexual immorality.

After the event, agaciro kanjye program proceeded to Nyamasheke youth centre where Mrs. Gatete advised youth to embrace the program and benefit from it.

Mrs. Gatete reminded youth they are the country’s strength and so they have to prepare for a bright future.






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