Rwanda : Young professionals pledge Rwf670m to Agaciro Development fund

Young professionals pledgeYoung professionals grouped under the Umurinzi Reflection Center have managed to collect Rwf670millions as their contribution to the Agaciro Development Fund. The Agaciro Fund has so far raised over 21 billion Rwandan Francs since its launch in August 2012.

President Kagame attended a fundraising event hosted by Umurinzi Reflection Center – a non-profit organization made up of Rwandans whose agenda is to mobilize Rwanda’s young professionals across the country to advance the country’s development agenda.

During an auction of items that included; tickets to the Premier League in London, a weekend at Nyungwe Lodge and Serena Hotel, Mombasa and a Fresian cow among others. The young professional managed to collect Rwf670millions to the Agaciro Development Fund. The Agaciro Fund has so far raised over 21 billion Rwandan Francs

While interacting with the young professionals, President Kagame thanked them for adding value to an initiative that is of itself of immense value;

“I look at all of you in this room and through you I see a future for Rwanda. I ask myself how less important are you than others from other countries. I see no reason that anyone should see you as less important or you yourself believe it. You are as important as anyone else in this country.  Kagame said

We are trying to build our nation to the point that no one sees us as below others. What next? Rwanda wants to learn from others to be a better country not actually be another nation. Your generation is the one we have been waiting for. So you better stand up to be worth the expectation to the name so that others may come after you and take over. Keep moving forward.”

President Kagame reminded the young professionals to always work hard, be the best they can be and not be satisfied with mediocre.

“We need to go beyond just being inspired and motivated so that we can do and make things happen. Rwanda has a very strong foundation based on values, traditions and culture of proud people. I am happy to say that you are the invincible army of this nation. The army that will never be defeated by any challenge” he said.


Images of Jeannette Kagame

Jeannette Kagame


Images of Jeannette Kagame

Paul Kagame and Jeannette Kagame


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