Rubavu: Private Sector Federation to visit members

Rubavu: Private Sector Federation to visit members

Dirregeant Hitayezu Director of Private Sector Federation in Rubavu district

As a way of promoting fast development, private sector federation has started visiting entrepreneurs to share ideas.

Dirigeant Hitayezu, director of PSF in Rubavu district asserts that the act is meant to encourage all members into creating projects that provide employment opportunities to many residents.

Hitayezu explains that they started with Rwanda Breweries as a big company that has given jobs to many people in Rubavu district.

In addition, Bralirwa has contributed to the development of the district by building schools, hospitals and supporting youth activities.

In addition to visiting entrepreneurs, the private sector federation organised an event dubbed Golden Circle for investors and private sector in Rubavu dstrict that started on June 27th 2013.

It was during this event that was meant for fundraising for the district development that commemorating 1994 Tutsi genocide victims in Rubavu district was planned.

Jeannette Kayumba, human resource manager at Bralirwa denotes that it is vital for PSF to visit them and share ideas saying they will continue to develop the district.

Pfunda tea factory in Rubavu district is next on the line after Bralirwa

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