Nyamasheke: Private sector to be represented in District council

m_Private sector to be represented in District council

Lack of representative for the Private sector in Nyamasheke district has been found to be one of hindrances towards development activities, concerned members told district officials on Tuesday.

Private sector expressed concerns on 25th February 2014 during a meeting with Rwanda Private Public Dialogue (RPPD) in Nyamasheke district that aimed at eliminating obstacles against development.

According to the private sector complains, the body fails to be part of the decision making in the district due to lack of a representative on the council despite the fact that they take big part in implementing district projects.

Nyamasheke district Vice Mayor for economic affairs, Charles Bahizi said that it has been agreed and it is confirmed that private sector will from now on be represented in the district council.

The council will elect the private sector representative after the new law is approved by the Ministry of Local government, he added.

Rwanda Private Public Dialogue (RPPD) initiative is a platform where private and public sectors come together to improve the business environment.

Nyamasheke district council is made up of 29 members.

RPPD initiative is holding meetings between private and public sectors in different parts of Rwanda to expand opportunities for the private sector to be part of Rwanda’s economic transformation journey.

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