Rwanda | Ngororero: Private sector disapprove new committee

The business community in Ngororero sector has revealed its lack of confidence in the ruling committee, according to meeting between Sector administration and representatives of private sector federation at district level.

This comes after business people in Ngororero town decided to elect new leaders; President and two vice presidents but when time came to choose private sector representatives at sector level, they choose to remain with the chosen three.

Traders outside Ngororero town, cooperatives and different associations confirm they never took part in electing the new committee saying they cannot trust them since they are not represented.

Small scale business people say they are not represented

Small scale business people say they are not represented

Cooperative and association members denote they are not represented because they were not included in decision making yet they make the biggest number of private sector.

The administration of private sector federation in Ngororero district says if members have misunderstandings, they should agree and elect new leaders.

However, the sector official in charge of cooperatives highlights that the elected leaders continue with their term of office and be replaced if approved incapable.

This problem of misunderstanding is feared to affect the sensibilisation going on for business people to contribute money to support private sector federation (PSF) in daily activities.

Some traders say this decision was taken without considering small project owners in villages.

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