Gakenke: Youth and women cooperatives projects get funds

The Ministry of Labour and Civil service has provided Rwf5.5million to support women and youth cooperative projects operating in Gakenke district.

The financial support is meant for the cooperatives that are capable of working and producing, but lack capital, it was announced on Tuesday March 3rd 2014 during a conference for projects funding

Government officials said already the Rwf5.5m had been deposited in the District’s Bank account for an immediate implementation.

 m_Youth and women cooperatives projects get funds

Some of the cooperatives members in the conference on project making

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has been funding projects that provide employment to many people through ‘Hanga Umurimo’ Program.

Business Development Fund (BDF) that supports projects that require loans from financial institution without collateral guarantee was also put in place.

At the beginning, this money will be used to finance projects made by 12 cooperatives of women and youth.

Alexis Niyibizi one of the project owners who were selected to be supported says “I am grateful of financial aid by the government. Our cooperative has prepared a project for welding, we will be making metallic doors and windows as well as teach the youth in welding in Nemba sector.”

Before implementing these projects, the cooperative members will be trained on management of cooperatives’ properties.

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