Gicumbi: Youth get self-employment tips

Gicumbi: Youth get self-employment tips

Bosco Karanganwa, Labour Inspector in Gicumbi district urges youth to create jobs for sustainable development

Youth in Gicumbi district were urged to set up income generating activities for social-economic development.

 “Some youth stay unemployed for long in pursuit of white collar jobs and yet job creation brings fast development,” said Bosco Karanganwa; Labour Inspector in Gicumbi district

“Youth should embrace job creation, working with financial institutions for small loans to start small businesses,” advised Alexandre Mvuyekure, mayor of Gicumbi district.

The government of Rwanda encourages residents especially youth to create jobs under Hanga Umurimo (create own job) programme.

The programme aims at sensitising the population to come up with creative ideas for job creation, empower communities with basic business skills and identify individuals with entrepreneurial aptitude and nurture good and bankable business ideas.

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